On this episode of Where’s Watson, Dr. Christine Watson invites the College community to the upcoming launch event for RRC Polytech’s new Academic Plan and Research Plan.

With our Strategic Plan as a roadmap guiding us where we need to go, the Academic and Research Plans are how we will get there, aligning with our strategic commitments and evolving as Manitoba’s polytechnic over the next five years.

Watch the episode, below:

Also featured in this episode: Academic and Research achievements from 2016-2021 (our former Academic and Research Plan).

Academic and Research Achievements

Academic highlights:
  • We have improved the processes to support expanding the quality of instruction, including the establishment of the Centre for Learning and Program Excellence, a new Faculty Development unit, the re-visioning of the former Certificate in Adult Education to the new Teaching for Learning program, and the newly formed Curriculum Committee as a sub-committee of the Senior Academic Council.
  • We made the rapid move towards a flexible online delivery model via LEARN – which, although it was in response to a global pandemic, was nonetheless transformative for the College. While many of us are keen to return to in-person learning, we know that blended and online delivery will continue to be incorporated as part of our delivery options for students.
  • We made major strides in program innovation and renewal, including the launch of the course-based registration (now more broadly referred to as Academic Transformation) and the successful launch of a suite of micro-credentials, including those that were developed as part of Manitoba’s pandemic response.
  • We also improved services and systems, including a major re-organization of the Student Services and Global Partnerships portfolio, including a re-visioning of student advising, increased access to unit level financial data, and the evolution of student supports throughout the pandemic. We also created the new Work-Integrated Learning and Employment Services Hub to elevate and coordinate our focus on experiential learning and connections with employers.
  • Academic programs and leadership were significantly involved in the visioning and creation of the new Manitou a bi Bii daziigae building, a hub for technology, collaboration, and community.
Research highlights:
  • We continued to attract major investment in Applied Research, including being awarded federal funding to open a third Technology Access Centre, the Prairie Research Kitchen. We also opened the Smart Factory and MotiveLab facilities – these dynamic facilities help build RRC Polytech’s capabilities to support Manitoba industry through access to technology, expertise and training.
  • We are proud to be one of the fastest growing research colleges in Canada. In 2019-2020, RRC Polytech was awarded one of the largest-ever college grants by Mitacs, enabling us to further expand our research efforts into new and emerging areas of technology – such as AI and machine learning – creating collaborations with entrepreneurs and businesses across Manitoba at our ACE Project Space.
  • We have continued to support workforce upskilling and reskilling, through research collaboration with academic programs to provide in-demand industry training. The “Intro to Electric Vehicle Technology” course developed with our Heavy Transportation department and Winnipeg Transit has reached beyond Manitoba’s borders, attracting international interest.
  • We have extended our work into the not-for-profit sector, through SSHRC funding for the Community of Change initiative in partnership with Manidoo Gi Miini Gonaan and Healthy Child Manitoba. This initiative highlights the importance in early childhood intervention in development of children, their families, and communities.
  • We have made steps in our reconciliation journey, introducing a focus on Indigenous culinary research, including hiring an Indigenous Research Liaison and Research Assistant, and opening new opportunities for Indigenous students to gain hands-on learning experience while attending RRC Polytech.

The Academic Plan and Research Plan launch event is on Wednesday, April 13 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. via MS Teams. Click here to register.