Dr. Christine Watson, Vice-President, Academic and Research hosts a regular video series where she shares a behind-the-scenes look at what she’s up to on and off campus. Christine also shares these video updates on her personal LinkedIn page and encourages you to connect with her directly on there too.

This episode, Christine shares plans for our new Academic and Research plans – building on our bold new vision as RRC Polytech. The development of these two separate but inter-related plans – one Academic Plan and one Research Plan — will ensure that both areas of focus and activity speak directly to our new Strategic Plan.

Watch the video here:

The following message was sent to all RRC Polytech faculty and staff this morning from Dr. Christine Watson, VP Academic and Research:

Now that our Strategic Plan is launched, we are ready to take the next step forward to seeing it come alive – and YOU will be a vital part of the process to develop our next academic plan and research plan. These plans will build on our bold new vision as RRC Polytech. We are developing two separate but inter-related plans – one Academic Plan and one Research Plan — to ensure that both areas of focus and activity speak directly to our new Strategic Plan.

Our Strategic Plan challenges us to elevate our students, industry partners and communities by embracing an innovative education model ideally suited to addressing disruption and change. It asks us to increase applied research partnerships and integrate this within academic programming, building our capacity to deliver applied, solutions-focused research that can help Manitoba stay steps ahead of the incoming changes and position us for success. It also asks us to walk the path of Truth and Reconciliation and to incorporate equity, diversity and inclusion into everything we do – and that includes ensuring these commitments guide the development of our Academic Plan and our Research Plan.

The Strategic Plan outlines where we need to go and why we need to get there. The Academic Plan and Research Plan will define how we undertake that journey.

We’re developing the academic and research plans because, woven together, learning and research enrich one another. Synergistically, they create more opportunities for our faculty and researchers to discover each other’s work and collaborate. They open new pathways for our students and for the communities we serve, amplifying the outcomes we achieve for our students and partners.

Your guidance in developing these two plans is essential. No one knows better than our faculty, researchers, and staff how best to support the greatest needs of our students and industry partners. We are calling on your expertise and experience to design a learning and research model that lives up to our mission by putting us in front of what’s ahead.

Timing is also critical. We’re developing these plans now to build on the momentum we’ve already created with the launch of our Strategic Plan.

The first phase of our academic and research planning is already underway, and we are now inviting you to make your voice heard. In the coming weeks, you’ll receive invitations to ThoughtExchange sessions, and other feedback opportunities. Watch your RRC email and Staff News for details. We will also be posting information on Staff Forum at the Academic/Research Plan website as it becomes available.

In the second phase, from January to February 2022, we’ll share preliminary results with you to get your feedback.

The third and final phase takes place in March 2022. At that time, we’ll share our final academic and research plans with the entire College community and our external stakeholders.

Our academic and research plans ask us to look at what we do best and imagine how we can do it even better.  We will be seeking your ideas about the opportunities you see for RRC Polytech.

What do you think we need to do as RRC Polytech to build on our strengths in academic programs and applied research and where do you think we need to do things differently?

We’re excited to hear from you. Take care of yourselves and take care of each other.

Christine Watson, PhD
Vice-President, Academic and Research