Continuing its commitment to the Aviation and Aerospace sector, RRC Polytech is in the process of finalizing a new lease with Southport for five years. The facility, which is one of two RRC Polytech campuses serving the Portage la Prairie area, will continue to be home for the Aircraft Maintenance Journeyperson (AMJ) program for this duration.

As part of this commitment, RRC Polytech will embark on an Aviation and Aerospace sector review along with employers, communities, students, staff, and faculty. The review will provide crucial information necessary for RRC Polytech to understand the current and future needs of the sector, including: 

  • What skills gaps need to be addressed through programming enhancements or new programming.
  • How to bolster pathways from the AME and AMT programs into aviation careers.
  • Program accessibility for rural and northern communities.
  • What supports need to be incorporated to drive the academic success of Indigenous learners.

Faculty and staff at Southport, as well as Stevenson campus, which is home to RRC Polytech’s Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Technician (AME and AMT) programs, recently met with RRC Polytech administration to provide input into the design of the review.

Earlier this year, RRC Polytech embarked on a plan to relocate/co-locate AMJ at Stevenson campus. However, based on the complexity of the program needs and rising construction costs and supply chain challenges, the relocation was deferred. It will be re-evaluated based on the outcome of the sectoral review, as well as updated costing information related to the space requirements needed to support the programming.

RRC Polytech appreciates the cooperation and patience of our staff and faculty at Southport as we work together to develop our program review and explore future location options for the AMJ program. We also thank them for their continued dedication to the program, and to the learners it supports from across the country.