The Elgin Avenue Plaza, nestled in between the Exchange District Campus’ Roblin Centre and Manitou a bi Bii daziigae, will now be lit up to bring awareness to RRC Polytech’s equity, diversity and inclusion activities, events, and days of recognition. This is made possible due to the installation of a new projector above the Plaza, which allows for high-resolution images and videos to be cast onto its surface.

For Pride Month and to recognize the College’s allyship with and commitment to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community feeling heard, seen, and valued, the Progress Pride flag is currently illuminating the area. In the future, it’s possible that summer festivals, e.g., Fringe and Nuit Blanche, will bring some creative opportunities to showcase College initiatives with a broader audience.

The next time you’re at EDC for an evening course or meeting, or out and about in the Exchange District, stop by the Elgin Plaza to see this new feature. Thank you to those who were involved in the process of selecting the best location and type of projector to make this initiative and future initiatives possible, including Facility Management and CLPE Media Services staff.