Pictured above: Great Teachers Seminar Facilitators and Instructors at Elkhorn Resort

On May 9-12, 2022, 35 instructors gathered for the Prairie Region Great Teacher Seminar at Elkhorn Resort & Conference Centre.

With participants from RRC Polytech, Assiniboine Community College, University College of the North and Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, the Seminar is not only for the already great, but for those are genuinely interested in becoming great teachers. In fact, the overarching goal of the Seminar is to identify the characteristics of the “Great Teacher.”

The Great Teacher Seminar was founded in Illinois in 1969 by David Gottshall, a college educator. He was motivated by his desire to be a great teacher. Today, there are seminars throughout North America and beyond. Each follows the same unique format and provides participants with a unique professional development experience.

The Great Teacher Seminar format supports the strong belief that teachers learn to teach from other teachers through discussion and exploration of teaching strategies, innovations, and problem solving.

Here’s what recent participants had to say:  

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the GTS. The focus on allowing and encouraging teachers to help each other solve problems and improve teaching practices was a breath of fresh air in contrast to the typical conference approach. In other words, GTS provides the time, space and opportunity to learn in the ways we ask our student to learn – from and with each other. Finally, it is professional development that models approaches we should utilize with our students.
  • It was incredible. I cannot say enough how much I loved this experience. It has given me so much confidence, joy, knowledge, relaxation, new information…the list goes on. I have never felt as much passion at any event like this.
  • “Something from nothing” explains this seminar. What you put in is what you get out.
  • It was what I needed after being online. I see the possibilities!
  • I was very anxious coming to the Seminar. I felt inadequate to be there. The experience was beyond amazing. I feel empowered, enlightened and supported by the “Great Teacher.”
  • I’m leaving with a greater sense of self as a teacher and mentor.
  • Amazing. I feel recharged, retooled and confident.

Watch for information this fall in Staff News for information on GTS 2023.