RED Forum is an annual event focusing on Relationships, Education, and Direction and is geared towards greater engagement and more opportunities to network and to learn about on-going and new developments at our College. Check out the videos and resources below that were shared during the event in June.

Live Sessions

Opening Remarks with President Fred Meier and Elder, Ms. Una Swan

Presenters: Fred Meier, Ms. Una Swan

Welcome by President Fred Meier and Elder, Ms. Una Swan.

Academic Transformation: Building the Bridge between RRC’s Present and Future

Presenters: Christine Watson, Marnie Boulet

Academic Transformation is in full swing at Red River College, but do you know all the ways in which it is happening? Join Vice President Academic and Research, Christine Watson, for a brief tour of the projects, the progress to date and the possibilities ahead! This session will also include the opportunity to share your ideas to help get us to the goal line, and a self-reflection led by CBR change practitioner Marnie Boulet on your personal experience moving though these transformative changes.

Building Resilience in Ourselves and Others

Presenters: Guy Moffat, Lorri McLeod, Breanna Sawatzky, Justin Penner, Joy Gilpin

Moderated by Guy Moffat, a panel of faculty and staff/student mental health and wellness specialists, will discuss all of the resources RRC offers and what faculty can do when students need help.

Ask Us Anything! Campfire Conversation

Presenters: Fred Meier, Christine Watson, Lynn Zapshala-Kelln, David Petis, Melanie Gudmundson, Aileen Najduch, Giselle Martel, Adam Gerhard, Conor Lloyd, Arnold Boldt

An open conversation with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). Do you have a burning work-related question? Have you ever wondered who on SLT is a LEGO enthusiast? Who wears Bomber Blue and who wears (gulp)… Rider Green??? Need a book recommendation? Want to share an interesting fact about yourself? Join SLT for a fun, laid back campfire chat to get to know each other and discover some fun facts, new information and satisfy your curiosity!

Pandemic perspectives: Honest and human stories of how our work and lives have changed

Presenters: Breanna Sawatzky, Anna Hughes, Andrew Warren, Angel King

Please join our three panelists in this realistic look at what the pandemic has been like for those who wear different hats here at the College. There should be a lot of laughs and perhaps a few tears as each of them opens up and shares just what life has been like for them. We hope that everyone that joins us feels connected, validated, and hopeful as we can begin to see the conclusion of this collective challenge on the horizon.

Reconciliation in Post-Secondary Education with The Honourable Murray Sinclair

Presenters: Breanna Sawatzky, Anna Hughes, Andrew Warren, Angel King

The Honourable Murray Sinclair has arguably been the largest force for change for Indigenous rights and truth and reconciliation in Canada. He has dedicated his life to fighting for Indigenous voices to be heard, restoring balance, and illuminating the shadows of Canada’s dark truths with an intelligence and grace that has inspired generations. In a rare opportunity for RRC staff and faculty, Dr. Sinclair will join RRC to support faculty and staff understanding of the Truth and Reconciliation 94 Calls to Action within a post-secondary institute.

Three Ways We Can Help YOU

Presenters: Dayna Graham, Stephen Sawchyn, Kaleigh Quinn, Chris Harder, Nora Sobel, Bettina Allen, Lynn Gibson, Rosemary Woodby, Lisa Vogt, Ebony Novakowski

Join us for a panel session designed to share scenarios that will underscore the intersection of faculty instruction with Library and Academic Services at the program, cohort and individual level. We have built on our suite of student supports this past year and the panel will share this in an engaging interactive way, contextualizing our supports to a situation you may have now, or may face in the future. The panel will also be open to an extended Q&A at the end of the session.

Recognition of Prior Learning Q & A

Presenters: Lauren Waples, Brenda Mercer, Manpreet Grewal

Are you involved with RPL in your program or department and would like information on RPL processes and assessments? What role do you play in the RPL process? When a student identifies that they have learned this before, what options do you provide? Join this open-space forum where you can engage with others and share your comments or concerns and questions. This facilitated session will explore the RPL process, responsibilities, and timelines. This session is for participants who are already working in RPL at RRC and would like to learn more, ask questions, and share their experiences.

Strategic Framework – Early Themes

Presenters: Joanne Zuk

After 3 months of stakeholder engagement and research, the College’s leaders have started to develop our new Strategic Framework (vision, mission, values, and strategic objectives). Join Joanne Zuk as she leads you through some of the early themes that are emerging. During this session, you will have an opportunity to share your thoughts and help us shape our bold new plan.

Chef’s Table: A Virtual Cooking Event

Presenters: Joe Alex, Patrick Anderson

Join Chef Joseph Alex and Chef Patrick Anderson from RRC’s Indigenous Culinary Skills program for a one-hour live cooking event. Learn to prepare and make a tasty dish using classic techniques and traditional ingredients. Your chefs will be on hand to offer guidance and personalized tips for making this meal at home.

Explore What’s Next at RRC! Campfire Conversation

Presenters: Melanie Gudmundson, Adam Gerhard

An open conversation with Senior Leaders. 2020 was a year of change, at work and in the world around us. Join Melanie Gudmundson (CHRO) and Adam Gerhard (CIO) for a campfire chat to share your experience with working from home. How are you using technology differently? What does flexible work mean, and what could it look like post-Covid? Did you discover a new app, platform or practice that you like? What do you miss about working on campus? We’re looking forward to hearing about your experiences and exploring what’s next at RRC.

Vision Board: Creating 2021 and Beyond

Presenters: Tannis Ross

Your vision is your destination! The yearnings of your heart, how you see your dreams, you need to plan them out. Make your Dreams a Reality! What you focus on expands.

“When you want something, all the world conspires in helping you to achieve it” Paulo Coelho

You will need:
magazines and old books to cut out images and words scissors and glue stick
a notebook or journal to work in

Your new book will be a focus, visualize yourself in your pages, believe that this is you within the pages of your book. The law of attraction is very powerful.

Faculty One Stop Shop Q&A – Campfire Conversation

Presenters: Christine Watson, Aileen Najduch, Arnold Boldt

Join Christine Watson (VP Academic and Research), Aileen Najduch (ED Student Services and Global Partnerships) and Arnold Boldt (Interim ED Academic) and bring your questions about academic initiatives at RRC. Do you want to know more about the WIL Hub? Do you have a question about the Instructor Communication Protocol or the Instructor Workload Assignment too!? Wonder what’s going on with CBR? Would you like to share your experiences with remote teaching? Come by the Faculty One Stop Shop to discuss all things academic!

Town Hall with President and CEO Fred Meier and Bravo Celebrations

Presenters: Fred Meier

Join RRC President and CEO Fred Meier for a Virtual Town Hall discussion.

Self Directed Resources

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – Truth and Reconciliation and Anti-racism

TRC Mini Documentary – Senator Murray Sinclair speaks on Reconciliation – This video explains why TRC is important and challenges us to think about what we can do now to achieve the future we want to see. A thought provoking and actionable approach.

What Does Truth and Reconciliation Mean to You – This RRC video is a wonderful follow up to Murray Sinclair’s video. This video personalizes the message, it challenges us to self-reflect, and clearly outlines how I can be a stronger ally.

kiskisiwin | remembering – A jingle dress dancer, an 1850s blacksmith and a troop of defiant urban Indians assert Toronto as Indigenous territory and challenge Canadians to re-write their nation’s history.

Niigaan Sinclair – Indigenizing Curriculum Workshop Session 1 – This first session goes into the history of Treaties, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Royal Commission of Aboriginal Peoples, and Truth and Reconciliation, and how to embed these topics into subject areas. This workshop is complimented by additional reading material.

Niigaan Sinclair – Indigenizing Curriculum Workshop Session 2 – This second session focuses on the 94 Calls to Action with an emphasis on the Education Calls and how to embed them into subject areas.

Anti-Racism in Higher Education, Panel Discussion – Recording of Nov 18/20 RRC session

Residential Schools in Canada: A Timeline by Historica Canada

Canadians Have Been Breaking Their Promises to Indigenous People by CBC

First Nations Families Weigh Children’s Education vs. Safety by CBC

The word Indigenous – explained by CBC Kids News

Why Indigenous Children are Overrepresented in Canada’s Foster Care System – Maclean’s

Sen. Murray Sinclair: How can Canadians Work Toward Reconciliation by CBC

CCDI – RRC is an Employer Partner with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) which provides RRC staff with a number of free training and resource options to support us on our individual and organizational equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) journey. Read more here or check out one of these session. Instructions on how to set up a CCDI account, can be found here (see CCDI Webinars/How to Register section).

LinkedIn Learning – You can access hundreds of high quality courses and short videos – from basic to expert level on a wide range of leadership topics.

Faculty Development

Copyright Training – This self-directed course provides a basic understanding of copyright and the policies for using copyright materials at RRC. All staff are encouraged and welcome to attend.

Teaching Online at RRC – This self-paced course focuses on facilitating learning, rather than designing course structure and curriculum. You will learn how to:

  • Prepare for teaching before the course starts
  • Welcome and communicate with students
  • Manage the discussion forum
  • Deliver lectures in a variety of formats
  • Consider privacy issues and more…

Past Session Recordings – to view any of the past sessions recordings below, please visit the Faculty Development Sessions page.

  • What We Learned From COVID: a Discussion on the Future of Teaching and Learning
  • Motivating Students in Online Environments
  • Oh the Places You’ve Been! Integrating Students’ Prior Learning and Experiences into Your Teaching
  • Seven Principles of Blended and Online Learning
  • Learning Strategies and UDL
  • Communicating with Students
  • Finding Evaluating and Adapting Open Educational Resources

Free Contact North Recorded Webinars – Wondering how to move your course online quickly or how to engage students? Discover how to do these, and more, through a series of free archived webinars from Contact North. Choose past recorded Webinars to navigate offerings.

The Centre for Learning and Program Excellence is pleased to share the following free webinars from Microsoft with you:

LinkedIn Learning Collections:

Mental Health and Wellness

Art & Science of Mindfulness – MindWell U’s founder and Chief Training Officer, Dr. Geoff Soloway presented

Integrating Mindfulness into Higher Education – MindWell U’s founder and Chief Training Officer, Dr. Geoff Soloway presented

Yoga Balance

Yoga Shoulders

Yoga Hips

Deep Breathing


Progressive Muscle Relaxation

The Working Mind Booster Sessions – Boosters are available to participants who have previously completed The Working Mind course, with the intention of reviewing and refreshing participants’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes around key components of The Mental Health Commission of Canada courses.

7 Ways to Overcome Fear of the Unknown

Activity: The 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

LinkedIn Learning Collections:

Leadership, Organization and Productivity

Hardwiring Accountability – Alex Dorr – While this video may be viewed from start to finish, for convenience and ease of access it can also be watched on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Each chapter focuses on a specific subject and is approximately 15 – 45 minutes in length.

Remote Leadership:

Decision Making in Turbulent Times:


LinkedIn Learning Collections: