Over the last month I have had the opportunity to gather and meet with more of you, learn from you, and reflect on how we can continue to live the priorities of our strategic plan over the next four years and beyond. Our community started the month by raising the Progress Flag on campus, we took part in the Commuter Challenge, we celebrated Indigenous culture during an event at Manitou a bi Bii daziigae, and we celebrated graduates in person across the province.

This is the last message before we take a break and I want to take this time to say thank you for being a part of these events that showcase the incredible community at RRC Polytech. I continue to be impressed with the professionalism and dedication that each of you demonstrate – not only in your work, but in your pride of being a part of RRC Polytech.

As I mentioned last week, the alumni celebrations were one of the biggest highlights of my time at the College so far. In the last two weeks I, along with the senior leadership team, also had the pleasure of visiting three regional campuses to celebrate graduates with their families in their own communities.

I met a student in Winkler who was so determined to complete his program he rearranged his work schedule to attend his classes. I heard from a student in our adult education program in Steinbach who persevered to achieve her designation, and is now pursuing culinary arts programming at RRC Polytech. I was able to gather with more than 100 people to celebrate graduates in Portage la Prairie. All of these experiences demonstrated the power of the RRC Polytech community.

When we introduced our new strategic plan last fall, I didn’t know how quickly it would be embraced. It is clear that RRC Polytech is ready to take the steps to transform our learning models, foster a culture committed to Truth and Reconciliation, and work at strengthening the partnerships that will shape the future.

We all share a common goal of making RRC Polytech a place where we develop today’s learners into a force for change, creating a positive impact on the next seven generations.

It is my hope that we enjoy this summer, savor the sunshine, rest, and relax. And when we open our doors to welcome students to our campuses at an increased capacity for the first time since 2019, we share the strength of what it means to be a part of RRC Polytech. While things will never be the same as they were before the pandemic, I want to thank the Incident Response Team and the Academic Response Team for preparing the College and I look forward to what the future brings as we adapt to a hybrid approach to work.

Enjoy this long weekend. I hope you are able to celebrate with family and friends and reflect on the great work we’ve done together.