After a long season of grey skies and rain, it is finally beginning to feel like summer.

Next week, RRC Polytech will be participating in the Commuter Challenge, a friendly workplace competition to encourage active and sustainable travel options. Whether you are coming to campus or working from home, each of you have the opportunity to participate.

One of my favourite things to do in the summer is take my bike for rides around the city’s greenspaces – and a few longer rides out to the lake when I want to get an extra challenge in. The time that I spend riding has such a positive impact on my mental health. It’s time that I can truly relax, clear my mind, connect to nature, and breathe.

On top of the Commuter Challenge, next week is also Bike Week – with Bike to Work Day taking place Monday. If you’re planning to ride, be sure to stop by RRC Polytech’s pit stop at the north side of the Assiniboine Park foot bridge.

Movement has been proven to have a holistic effect on health. Whether you are going for a lunchtime walk or run, or stretching in the morning, moving your body can do wonders for mental well-being and physical health. The Commuter Challenge is an easy way to start moving your body. Be sure to register and join the RRC Polytech Team, and make a note in your calendar if you need a reminder to participate.

The College’s Campus Well-Being unit understands that personal and community well-being is important to not only our bodies, but also for our minds, emotions, spirit and relationships. They just released their June calendar where you can sign up for yoga, meditation, and drop-in basketball.

The Commuter Challenge is also a time for us to be mindful in how much we consume, and how taking small actions can create big change.

Our Sustainability Team teaches, researches, and implements sustainability projects across campus – they’re involved in sustainable grounds keeping, recycling programs and so much more. The value of sustainability is not new for the College, it’s a part of our strategic plan, and is something we pride ourselves in. We are committed to create a positive impact on the next seven generations, and that only happens if we start today.

We’ve spent the last two years cooped up, so it’s time to embrace movement and in turn find ways to be more sustainable. I encourage you to begin with the Commuter Challenge and I hope to see you out on the trails.