Over the past couple weeks, Leger Research hosted focus groups with employees across RRC. A total of 14 groups came together virtually to discuss key topics that emerged from the College-wide survey results. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest or participated in a focus group – you helped us explore and take a deeper dive into the issues that matter to you.

What happens next?
Leger Research is capturing discussions from the sessions and will compile a report that we can share with everyone in the new year. Results from the survey and focus groups will be used to inform our corporate employee engagement action plan.

Where can I find the College-wide results?
The College-wide survey results are available on Staff Forum, including a two-page summary that shows how we scored in certain categories. Review the results to see which items scored best and lowest overall.

We’re committed to supporting you throughout our employee engagement initiative. If you have a question or comment, let us know!

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