Following our last update in June, we’re ready and eager to begin sharing department-level survey results. As we don’t know how long the pandemic will last, we’re choosing to lean into our new reality and move forward.

When will the results be shared?

College leaders will receive survey results at the department level beginning this month. From there, they’ll review and interpret the results before sharing them with their team(s).

What are our expectations right now?

We completely recognize that times continue to be challenging due to the pandemic. However, we promised to begin sharing results with College leaders now, and it’s important we move forward and honour that commitment.

We know that reviewing the results won’t necessarily be an immediate priority at this time, but seeing them may offer leaders an opportunity to celebrate some positive discoveries, and also think about any areas for improvement before sharing the results with their team(s).

Has COVID-19 changed anything related to the survey?

We recently re-examined the survey questions and are pleased to note that almost all of the questions we asked are still relevant; however, the follow-up discussions around them might look a little different due to COVID-19 and the way work has changed and will continue to evolve.

Where can I find the College-wide survey results?

Earlier this year, our survey vendor Metrics@Work shared the College-wide results of our employee engagement survey. It’s been a while since these results were first made available, so we encourage you to watch the full presentation of the results.