Institutional Priorities

We’re a polytechnic.

At the heart of Turtle Island, in the place where the Red and Assiniboine rivers join, Red River College Polytechnic is taking a bold step forward in a spirit of partnership, respect and shared opportunity. This new five-year strategic plan maps out the path we must follow to meet a future of disruption head on, and lead the change we want to see in this province.

For more than 80 years, students have come to RRC Polytech to prepare for what lies ahead. By working on the cusp of what Manitoba needs next, our evolution from a community college to a college of applied learning has helped us grow into the polytechnic we are today.

In this age of ever-increasing disruption, however, we need to do more than keep up: we must get ahead of what’s coming next. 

Manitoba businesses have identified an urgent, ongoing need to attract and retain qualified, job-ready employees. People with modern skills and certifications. People who have gained new skills in emerging technologies. People who can think creatively and critically. People who can contribute on day one, and are poised for leadership opportunities in the future. 

No post-secondary institution better prepares people to meet those needs for Manitoba than RRC Polytech.

Students have always been at the centre of our work — and the strongest measure of our success. As tomorrow’s innovators, professionals, leaders and change-makers, they come to us for high-quality programs and work-integrated learning experiences that prepare them for a constantly changing world. When they graduate, they know they’re ready to hit the ground running — and so do their employers. In fact, we produce the highest proportion of job-ready graduates of Manitoba’s leading post-secondary institutions. 

Our success has been built on strong, dynamic partnerships — with communities, industry, employers and applied research partners. Our partners want to work with us because of our ability to solve problems, train talent and respond nimbly and meaningfully to disruption and labour market needs.

At RRC Polytech, we thrive on the cutting edge. Through our exceptional employees, we embrace disruption, diversity, new technology, traditional knowledge and emerging fields to overcome the challenges facing our communities and our world. And we look to our past to understand the role we must play in building a better tomorrow.

As an educational institution, that means we acknowledge the colonial history of this country and our part in it. Our campuses are located on Treaty One territory — the original lands of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota and Dene Peoples, and the homeland of the Métis Nation. As we embark upon this strategic plan, we commit ourselves to renewing our relationship with Indigenous Peoples and advancing Truth and Reconciliation in all of our actions, with all our industry and employer partnerships, and in everything we do.

Manitoba’s Polytechnic

RRC Polytech has successfully fulfilled its purpose in the province for decades. But even we aren’t immune to disruption. Across Canada, technological, environmental and social change continues to radically transform labour markets. The way we work is constantly evolving. In every industry, jobs are changing, disrupted by new technologies and the demand for new skills. 

Driven by our strong ties to industry, we know what’s around the corner — because we’re already there. 

As we embark upon the journey of our new strategic plan, we are beginning with a bold first step: embracing our identity as RRC Polytech. 

This new name reflects our evolution into a specific kind of post-secondary institution that blends deep, theoretical learning with applied, hands-on experience. It highlights the important role our graduates will play in growing Manitoba’s economy as our province recovers from the pandemic and looks to the future. 

The term polytechnic is used around the world to describe institutions that focus on strategic workforce development enhanced by strong applied research capacity. Unique in Manitoba, our educational model combines a wide variety of credentialed programs (from micro-credentials to degree programs), work-integrated learning opportunities and employer-driven applied research. 

For students, polytechnic education means more choices, flexible options and opportunities to gain highly-desired skills at state-of-the-art facilities. For employers and industry partners, working with a polytech means access to a pipeline of top talent and opportunities for research collaborations that position Manitoba businesses at the forefront of innovation and growth, and fuel them as they compete on the global stage. 

Polytechs are agile. RRC Polytech is built to respond nimbly and meaningfully to fluctuations in our labour market. Thanks to relationships and strategic partnerships with thousands of professionals and leaders who power the province, our College is inextricably woven into Manitoba’s economy, the demands of its workforce and its most pressing challenges and opportunities.

As Manitoba’s polytechnic, our top priority is preparing students to thrive in a rapidly changing world of work. Achieving this requires that we take a leap into the future, rather than incremental steps — a bold approach that shows our community and industry partners we’re not only ready to meet rapidly shifting demands, but to lead the way forward.

Our strategic plan guides us to embed agility into our learning model, foster a culture committed to reconciliation and respect, and strengthen the partnerships that are key to shaping the future.

Mission, Vision and Values

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