Institutional Priorities

Mission, Vision and Values


To elevate people, industry and community in Manitoba through future-focused polytechnic education, research and partnerships

RRC Polytech has a mission to elevate people, industry and community in Manitoba through future-focused polytechnic education, research and partnerships. We do this by keeping our eyes on the horizon ahead, delivering on our promises and aligning our priorities to the needs of our province and local communities.

Through deliberate action unique to polytechnic education, we invest in research that solves today’s problems and powers the growth of our industries.

Our experienced faculty and staff deliver maximum value to students, industry and community through mutually beneficial partnerships. Committed to the future, we approach all our work with humility and a desire to improve the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of all Manitobans.


Manitoba’s polytechnic: your partner in shaping the future

By working at the cutting edge of teaching and learning, we open doors for more students to build meaningful careers and make a difference.

By working closely with industry, we help Manitoba businesses build the talented, diverse and culturally aware workforce they need to face disruption and compete on the global stage.

By expanding our award-winning applied research capacity, we create more routes for organizations to access top talent and cutting-edge facilities and equipment, and to capitalize on opportunities.

By fostering innovation, we become a nexus where global perspectives meet local needs, traditional knowledge informs solutions, and students, employees, alumni and partners connect to solve problems.  

Together, we shape the future.

Our Values

Our values shape how we work with our students, our partners and our colleagues. They provide clarity about how to move forward through the journey of our strategic plan. They tell us who we are.

To fulfil a mission and vision as bold as the ones outlined in this strategic plan, we must embed the following values into our work at every level of RRC Polytech:

  1. Learning
    To be curious about, and committed to, acquiring knowledge for the application of new ways of teaching and working, and for personal growth.
  2. Respect
    To treat one another with appreciation, dignity and kindness. 
  3. Inclusiveness
    To embrace the uniqueness of all members of the RRC Polytech community, by removing barriers to equality and encouraging greater mutual understanding.
  4. Integrity
    To be accountable and honest in all that we do, by fulfilling commitments and acting in ways that build relationships and trust. 
  5. Sustainability
    To demonstrate economic, social and environmental resiliency for generations to come. 
  6. Collaboration
    To strengthen learning and student experience by building sector and community partnerships.

Our Commitments

Staying in front of what’s ahead requires RRC Polytech to align our efforts across all our priorities. As the needs of industry, employers and communities evolve, so must we.

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