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Institutional Priorities

Strategic Plan


As Manitoba’s only polytechnic, RRC is a driving force that helps our economy grow. RRC’s strategic plan provides clarity and vision, and charts our course to a bold future. The plan also sets the priorities and themes developed in our Academic and Research Plan.

Beyond 2021: Creating a Bold New Vision

Our current Strategic Plan expires in 2021. The next strategic plan is currently being developed and will launch in the fall. 

Our new plan will refresh our vision, mission, values, and priorities so that you understand where the College is headed and your role in helping achieve our shared goals.

Why now?

As Manitoba’s only polytechnic institution, our important role in driving Manitoba’s economic and social growth means we need to leverage the current window of opportunity to define our future and build a plan that will advance our priorities.

COVID-19 has impacted our program delivery approaches. It’s also sped up our move toward online and blended learning formats. We need to review our priorities now in light of the current pandemic needs – but we also need to turn our attention to how we can shape economic and social outcomes as Manitoba and Canada emerge from the pandemic.

The time is right to leverage our unique competitive advantage and trusted reputation to build and foster a bold vision for the future.

Your voice matters

RRC employees, students and external partners have an important role to play in helping shape our new plan. We need to hear from you.

Because of COVID-19, we’ve created virtual opportunities to engage in the consultation process. Instead of in-person café sessions, we’ll gather your input and ideas online using Thoughtexchange software and will host a series of virtual strategic conversations to gather your input.

With Thoughtexchange, you’re able to easily make your voice heard. Each week in February, we’ll share a new set of questions through Thoughtexchange. With just a couple of clicks, you’ll be able to share your ideas and thoughts, and rate the thoughts of your peers in order to shape our understanding of the current and future opportunities at Red River College. Links to participate in the latest Thoughtexchanges will be shared weekly through Staff News, on our Staff Forum newsfeed, and linked on this page.

Curious to know how Thoughtexchange works? Access our practice exchange to test out the technology. Try submitting your ideas and rating responses that have already been entered.

In the first phase of the strategic planning process, we’ll ask you to think about the future of Red River College and help inform our bold vision. As we proceed through the other three phases, our focus will shift toward how we’ll advance that bold vision. As important members of the College community, employees, students, and partners will be deeply involved in conversations and workshops to articulate exactly how we will achieve our goals across all areas of the College.


Our work will proceed in four phases. We are currently in Phase 1. For the first phase of our work, we’ll consult with our internal and external partners, providing you with the tools to engage and contribute to the plan and share your ideas and concerns related to specific themes.

Employees will also be deeply involved in the third phrase of strategic planning, which will see us develop the detailed departmental plans that grow out of the overall Strategic Framework that is designed in Phase 2.

Each of the following tabs highlight the work that will happen during each phase, and how you can expect to be involved and informed.

Assess Current State (January – April)

Consultations with RRC leadership, students, faculty, staff, Elders, alumni, Strategic and Program Advisory Councils, industry partners, community partners, other post-secondary institutions, government partners, donors, and key supporters of the College.

Consolidation of research, including employee engagement findings, COVID-19 related trends in industry and post-secondary education, labour market information, and national and international trends in polytechnic education, technology, and partnerships.

Your Involvement

Employees, students, and external partners will be invited to inform our vision by sharing thoughts and ideas through a simple online tool called Thoughtexchange and by participating in virtual focus groups called Strategic Conversations.

Our Commitment

We will listen to your ideas, concerns, and feedback, inform you of opportunities to participate in strategic planning conversations, and report back on what we’re hearing.

Key Deliverable: Current State and Horizon Summary
  • Summary of insights from stakeholder engagements
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis
  • Clear value proposition/competitive advantage

Develop the Plan (April – May)

Using the research and insights gathered in Phase 1, the RRC leadership team will develop a Strategic Framework, consisting of vision, mission, values, and strategic objectives. It will be validated by key members of our stakeholder groups and presented to the Board of Governors for approval.

Your Involvement

Your participation during Phase 1 will shape the Strategic Framework. At the end of Phase 2, we’ll share the Strategic Framework with you and ask you to consider how your work might change to contribute to the College’s bold vision.

Our Commitment

We will keep you informed on the status of our planning and the progress we’re making.

Key Deliverable: Strategic Framework
  • Renewed mission, vision, values
  • Strategic, long term objectives that consider our priority perspectives

Cascade the Plan (May – July)

We will share the new Strategic Framework with employees and external partners. You’ll be engaged with your team in building your departmental plans to advance the vision.

Your Involvement

Leaders across RRC will review the new plan with their teams and work with employees, students, and partners to develop departmental plans

Our Commitment

We will involve you in developing the plans that will affect your daily work and keep you informed of the overall progress across the College.

Key Deliverable: Comprehensive Strategic Plan
  • Short and medium-term goals (1-3 years)
  • Organizational priorities and measures
  • Key Performance Indicators

Report and Refresh (August – September)

We will regularly report on progress and refresh our plan as needed.

Key Deliverable: Systems to Advance Progress
  • Governance model to support ongoing accountability for progress
  • Schedule of quarterly updates on progress
  • Plan for annual refresh of priorities
  • Capacity built across the College for reporting and annual planning

Have Your Say

Your ideas, feedback and responses to questions and discussions will be integral for creating the new Strategic Plan.

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Progress and Insights

Throughout the process, we'll be sharing news and announcements about key findings, steps achieved and deliverable milestones. See our latest updates ›

Questions or Comments

Send your questions and feedback, and we’ll be happy to capture it as we develop our new plan.

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