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Institutional Priorities


External Communications

For all formal external communications purposes, the primary typeface that should be used in creating documents is Interstate.

General Use

The fonts Arial, Calibri and Times New Roman have been chosen for general communication due to their readability, accessibility and wide acceptance.

These fonts are recommended for general, non-formal use in documents such as letters, memos, emails, faxes, reports and any other basic communication materials generated by staff.


The primary typeface used in the College wordmark is Trajan from Adobe Systems. The secondary typeface used is a condensed version of Trade Gothic. The wordmark should never be re-typeset. Electronic versions of the logomark are available from Marketing.


For maximum accessibility, the main typeface used on all College websites for general text should be Interstate, followed by Helvetica Neue or Arial, unless otherwise authorized by Marketing.

Using Interstate

When developing materials for the purposes of formal external communications, it is important to use approved typefaces in an appropriate manner.


Use Interstate Bold, Title Case, with tight-set tracking (-25). Extra care with kerning is usually needed for this style. Leading should be consistent with point size in most cases. Interstate Black may also be used where more emphasis is needed.


Use Interstate Light, UPPER CASE, with wide-set tracking (+25). Subheadings should be 2/3 to 1/2 the size of the headline.

Body Copy

Use Interstate Light, 10.5 pt, with tight-set tracking (-15). Interstate Regular may also be used in cases where more emphasis is needed.

In cases where space is tight, Interstate Condensed typefaces may be used. In addition, any legal writing should be done in italics.

When colour is applied, a highlight should be used with a darker version of the same family or paired with a neutral grey.

Type should be reversed out of darker colours or photographic images with sufficient contrast.

Note: The College has specific visual identity approaches related to Typography, Colour Palette, Photos and Imagery, and Visual Elements for its International Education offerings, Indigenous Education offerings, and its RRC Works Campaign (i.e., RRC’s comprehensive fundraising campaign). Please refer to the appropriate Appendix. Any questions or concerns regarding font usage in RRC documents should be directed to the Marketing department.