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Subset Identifiers

For the purposes of identifying or promoting Red River College sub-brands – such as individual departments, initiatives or special projects – the Marketing department will help develop and approve subset identifiers, or wordmarks, as required. A subset identifier is defined as a branding component used to identify or promote any Red River College subset, such as a school, department, division, program area, affiliated organization, major project or special event.

Development of RRC subset identifiers for any purpose requires authorization from the Marketing department.


The Red River College logomark is the primary identifier for RRC and its divisions, departments, units, programs and events.

Alternative logos will not be used to identify Red River College or any of its divisions, departments, projects or events.

Subset identifiers must be used in conjunction with the Red River College logo, unless otherwise approved. When implemented, the subset identifiers will not compete with, touch or impact the RRC logo in any way. Marketing and Web Presence will provide design assistance and final approval for all subset identifiers.

In most cases, a subset identifier consists of text only, with a particular font and colour treatment.

School Subset Identifier Proportions

School Subset Identifier

In approved cases, a subset identifier may include other components, such as shapes, symbols, images, unique colour usage, and/or a unique tagline or slogan.

Special Event or Anniversary Subset Identifier

Program areas and areas of interest may also use subset identifiers. These consist of the horizontal logo with “of Applied Arts, Science and Technology” removed and the program name set in Interstate Bold just below the logo. The size of the type should be determined by matching its capital letter height to the middle stroke of the E in the College logo.

Program Subset Identifier Proportions

Program Subset Identifier