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Institutional Priorities

Stationery and Specifications


When Red River College communicates with its customers, associates and other audiences, the presentation of information conveys an important message. Each item of stationery has an impact in shaping or reinforcing RRC’s identity. Maintaining the standards of RRC’s visual identity strengthens the College’s brand, which is key to success in a competitive environment.

Business Cards

Business cards are printed in the standard size (3.5” x 2”) with the horizontal RRC logomark.

Standard business cards are printed on 100-lb stock. Heavier stock cards can be requested at an additional cost.

Business cards may display specific department/area URLs (e.g., or

Standard RRC

Premium RRC

School of Indigenous Education

Indigenous Student Support and Community Relations

International Education


Standard letterhead is printed on 8.5” x 11” white, 20-lb bond paper stock. The horizontal logomark appears in the upper left corner, while the return address appears in a single line at the bottom of the page.

When producing a letter, please use the provided template with margins of 1.25” (top ) and 1” (left, right and bottom). The font Times New Roman (or Arial) should be used at 11-pt size, single-spaced. An extra line is used to separate paragraphs. Double lines should be inserted to separate the address from the date and the greeting from the address.

School and departmental letterhead is the same as standard letterhead, but is printed with a specific department’s name, location, phone and fax number in the upper right corner.

Specialized executive letterhead is used by the offices of the President and the Chair of the Board of Governors for official correspondence.