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Institutional Priorities

Photos and Imagery

General Direction

We approach most events and in-class shoots by trying to paint an overall picture and telling the story of the situation via the following:


  • Candid interactions, group shots and prominent speakers/figures/instructors, etc.
  • Focus on moments where subjects are not acknowledging the camera (in most cases)


  • Food/wine, table settings and other décor • Tools, equipment, machinery, etc.


  • Wider shots that establish environment for context (birds-eye viewpoints or other unique perspectives)


  • Consult with event coordinators for specific group shots or additional requests.
  • When shooting individuals (or minors) outside of public events, it’s advised they fill out a consent/release form.
  • Remember, professional photography is not always required. Take a moment to consider how the photos will be used.

Technical and Stylistic Specifications


  • We shoot with full-frame DSLR bodies and various zoom lenses with focal lengths ranging from 17 to 200mm, and occasionally fish-eye.
  • We primarily use natural, ambient and existing light for a natural look, or a speedlight and diffuser in low-light situations.
  • For staged shoots that are featured on publication covers or higher-profile materials, we often use light reflectors and externally mounted studio lights with soft-boxes.


  • When shooting individuals, one-on-one interactions or small groups, use shallow depth of field to focus on interactions and convey intimacy.
  • When possible, try to achieve clean, open and soft background spaces, which accommodate messaging/typography and can be used in ads and marketing materials.
  • Use deep focus for larger group and environmental shots where necessary.

Note: The College has specific visual identity approaches related to Typography, Colour Palette, Photos and Imagery, and Visual Elements for its International Education offerings, Indigenous Education offerings, and its RRC Works Campaign (i.e., RRC’s comprehensive fundraising campaign). Please refer to the appropriate Appendix.

Sample Photos

Photos on Flickr

The College stores an extensive selection of event, location and program-specific photos on Flickr, many of which are organized according to date or program/interest area.

To view all of the photos, visit, or view specific sets and collections.

Obtaining Images

To download a photo, click or tap the download icon (arrow pointing down) at the bottom-right of the photo. This brings up a panel where you can choose from a range of file sizes.

For large format printing, please contact Marketing for uncompressed, high-resolution images.