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Though email is a relatively quick and efficient form of communication, it’s important to remember that any message sent from an RRC account reflects on the College as an institution.

Since email is a visual tool, the College’s branding should be present at all times. Just as College letterhead should be used to send a letter, all email sent (whether externally or internally) should identify RRC and convey a professional image.

Email Signatures

The following email signature format should be used when sending messages from a Red River College account.

Your Name, Your Title
Your Department
Red River College
Your Office Address
City, MB
T: 204-555-5555

Other Notes

  • Do not use wallpaper, photos or background colours to format your email unless required for specific promotional purposes.
  • Use an approved font.
  • Use the automated spellchecker and be mindful of grammatical errors.
  • Employ a professional tone at all times.
  • Be mindful that responding to messages by clicking “reply all” (as opposed to “reply”) will send a copy of your response to ALL original recipients.
  • Remember that sent email is traceable and copies can be easily forwarded to other recipients, including those who were not meant to see the content.

Important: RRC Email Adheres to FIPPA Policy

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) provides a right of access to records held by public bodies and regulates how public bodies manage personal information. FIPPA also provides an independent review process for people who disagree with access and privacy decisions made by public bodies under the Act. For more information, visit