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Institutional Priorities

Visual Identity Standards


The communications elements used to convey Red River College’s identity help to define its organizational image and brand — in other words, the way in which RRC is perceived.

Consistent application of these elements is crucial to reinforcing the College’s identity and to conveying a high level of professionalism.

The following sections are intended to help provide a reference point for the creative production of external marketing materials, as well as formal internal communications such as reports and correspondence.

While adherence to the standards in the following sections is expected of all staff, some latitude is afforded to graphic designers and other creative professionals contracted to produce communications materials for RRC.

Note: Any questions or concerns related to the use of visual identity or branding message standards in RRC external communications should be directed to the Marketing department.

Preparing College Material

It is essential that Red River College’s visual identity be presented in a manner that emphasizes the College ahead of any internal division, centre or department.

Plan Ahead

Any printed, painted, fabricated or imaged item bearing the RRC name or logo is an extension of the College. Careful planning and quality control will go a long way in supporting the College’s brand.

When planning new communications materials, consider the following questions:

  • Is the material necessary? Does it serve a purpose or an audience not served by other material?
  • Does it have a specific audience? How will that audience be reached?
  • Are sufficient funds available to cover the costs of production and distribution?
  • Has sufficient time been allowed for the necessary approval, editorial and graphic design processes, as well as for printing and distribution?

After determining the need and desired outcome, decide on a plan of action. Using the Marketing Request Form, communicate your goals and time constraints to the Marketing department. Marketing will determine the best way to achieve your goals through design and messaging.

Writing and Communication

Use a positive tone when writing for or about Red River College. Be clear, accurate and concise. Say what you mean in plain language and write in a direct manner.

Avoid slogans, gimmicks, exaggeration and cliches, which undermine corporate credibility and professionalism. Communication should be meaningful and informative.

Media Choice

Consider your intended audience and keep specific goals in mind when selecting appropriate media and communications tools. When in doubt, consult professionals for advice. Tailor messages to the media selected. For example, billboard and poster messages should be bold and to the point.