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Institutional Priorities

International Education Typography

Primary Typefaces: External Communication

Consistent typography is integral to the success of the brand. The main typeface used for the brand is Interstate, which was chosen from the approved typefaces as outlined in the Red River College Brand Book.

While the Interstate typeface contains many different weights, its use should be limited to the following versions.

Interstate Light

Use for body copy, headlines and primary display type. This should be the dominant font throughout the brand.

Interstate Regular

Use for subheads, intro copy and points of emphasis.

Interstate Bold

Used for subheads and headlines in specific instances.

Interstate Light Condensed

Used for sidebars, fine print and financial figures.

Interstate Regular Condensed

Used for sidebar, fine print and financial figure headers.

Typographic Hierarchy

In order to properly organize information and produce clear communication materials, it is important to use the approved typefaces in an appropriate manner.


Use Interstate Light, Title Case, with tracking set to 10. Extra care with kerning is usually needed for this style. Leading should be consistent with point size in most cases. Interstate Black may also be used where more emphasis is needed.


Use Interstate Regular, with tracking set to 10. Subheadings should be 1/3 to 1/4 the size of the headline. If a second subheading style is required, Interstate Bold, UPPER CASE, with tracking set to 25 can be used. The secondary subheading should be similar in size to the body copy (see below).

Body copy

Use Interstate Light, between 9 – 10.5 pt. size, with tracking set to 10. Interstate Bold may also be used in cases where more emphasis is needed. Interstate Light Condensed should be used for any fine print or legal writing.