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International Education Subset Logomark

International Education Subset Identifier

International Education does not have a logo of its own. As a sub-brand, we have combined the Red River College logomark with International Education set in the same typeface as the logo and divided by a line. The subset type respects the same small and large capitals style as the RRC logo and is set in a slightly smaller size to reflect its position as secondary to the official logo. Spacing, size and graphic elements can be seen below and must retain the exact same proportions.

Using the logomark in a consistent manner across all applications helps to both establish and reinforce recognition of the Red River College brand.

Master Logomarks

The Red River College International Education subset logomark is available in centered, extreme horizontal and horizontal versions. In an effort to avoid conflict with the International Education colour palette, the use of either the black or reversed versions of the logo are preferred.

In most cases, the horizontal version of the logomark should be used.

The extreme horizontal version should only be used if vertical space is extremely limited.

Each version is available in the following formats: colour, black and reversed.


Extreme Horizontal



In order to maximize visibility and recognition, the Red River College International Education subset logomark should have a minimum amount of ‘clearance’ around it. This keeps the subset free of clutter and unnecessary graphic elements that could hinder recognition and/or readability.

The example below provides a visual depiction of the required clearance space.


Always take care to ensure the logo is legible against its background at all times. The following examples illustrate improper (left) and proper (right) applications of the logo.

Never place the positive version of the logomark over a dark background

Never place the logomark over a distracting pattern that might obscure legibility

Never place the reversed logomark over a light background

Never place the logomark over a busy or distracting photo background

Incorrect Uses

No variation of the Red River College International Education logomark other than those outlined above should ever be used. The examples below provide a visual reference of some common misuses to avoid.

Never skew any part of the logomark either vertically or horizontally

Never add a drop shadow to the logomark

Never alter the proportions of any elements in the logomark

Never stretch the logomark either horizontally or vertically

Never change the typeface on any part of the logomark

Never add a bevel or emboss effect to the logomark

Never tilt the logomark on an angle

Never screen the colours of the logomark or apply a transparency effect

Never apply the logo typography without being used in conjunction with the RRC icon