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Indigenous Education Star Blanket Motif

A star blanket motif has been developed as a graphic element that can be deployed across any media and applied using different techniques and styles. The blanket’s eight-point star pattern represents honour, protection and ceremony – all of which are core to Red River College Indigenous Education.

The star on the blanket symbolizes the morning star, marking the beginning of a new day/another day of life given by the Creator. Stars are used as teachings and blessings – the standing between light (knowledge) and darkness (ignorance). The morning star inspires understanding and life.

Historically, a star blanket represented legends, stories, events and other perspectives of culture and heritage. Blankets are a form of craftsmanship, artistry, history and generosity. The blanket still holds a significant role in Indigenous people’s culture.

To give a blanket is to demonstrate great respect, honor and admiration for an individual. When receiving a blanket as a gift, the giver holds the individual in very high respects for their generosity and accomplishments. It is believed that receiving a blanket will bring good dreams and prosperity.

The star blanket truly encapsulates Red River College Indigenous Education and its goal is to provide the wrap around supports and pathways to success for every student.

Star Grid

While there are virtually infinite ways to style and colour a Star Blanket, the underlying grid behind the Motif should never change.

The star shape should be divided in to 8, 32 or 72 individual grid sections. The dividing lines between the sections should always be sized to approximately 0.5pt. for print applications and 1 pixel for digital applications.

When applying photography behind the grid, the 8- or 32-section grid is recommended. When applying photography behind the grid, the 32- or 72-section grid is recommended.

Regardless of the intended final use, the grid used to create the pattern should always be applied in one of the following formations:

Star Blanket Motif in Use

The star blanket motif can be applied in two ways:

  1. As a flat graphic element on white or a field of colour;
  2. As a container shape to hold imagery.

Star Blanket as a Graphic Element

The following examples articulate various examples of the star blanket motif applied as a graphic element.

Given the limitless possibilities for a star blanket design, these patterns should always be designed by an agency or professional graphic designer.

Star Blanket as an Image Container

The following examples articulate various examples of the star blanket motif being used as a container shape to house various imagery.

Colour selections for angled design elements should compliment both the background colour and the hues occuring in the photo.