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Institutional Priorities

Indigenous Education Brand Photos

Use of Photos

Imagery should be candid and attempt to convey the feeling of day-to-day life at Red River College. Images can be presented as either full-colour, or as monotones multiplied over a field of colour. Large, feature or cover images should generally be presented in full-colour, with monotones reserved for interior or smaller images.

Style / Settings

When photographing individuals, one- on-one interactions or small groups, use shallow depth of field to focus on interactions and convey intimacy.

When possible, try to achieve clean, open and soft background spaces, which can accommodate messaging/ typography and can be used in advertising and marketing materials.

Use deep focus for larger group and environmental shots where necessary.


Ensure photography represents the range of students from Manitoba’s diverse Indigenous community (Cree, Ojibway, Metis, Inuit, etc.) as well as subjects that are not culturally definable.

Modern vs. Traditional

In general, imagery should be weighted to those that are relevant, progressive and modern. Traditional imagery can be intermixed, but is secondary.

Natural Elements

Natural images such as water, pathways, roots and sky can be used as backgrounds and to support concepts.


Also integral to a consistent brand is the visual presentation of pertinent data and statistics. These graphics should prioritize the clear communication of information, while still being visually appealing. Like other brand elements, infographics should employ the use of flat graphics, using colours from the Red River College Indigenous Education palette. Like the icon set, infographics should be punctuated by shapes based in sound geometry.