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Institutional Priorities

Indigenous Education Brand Support Elements

Seven Sacred Teaching Symbols

The Seven Sacred Teachings is a set of teachings on human conduct towards others. They were traditionally, and still are to this day, needed in order for communities to survive. While we recognize that not all First Nations, Métis and Inuit cultures and histories recognize The Seven Sacred Teachings, our intention is to be as inclusive as possible.

Included in the set are symbols to represent the Métis and Inuit.

Use these symbols as watermarks or to punctuate certain topics, achievements, values or strategies. Symbol colours are interchangable provided they employ colours from the official palette.

Bear / Courage

Beaver / Wisdom

Bison / Respect

Sabe / Honesty

Eagle / Love

Turtle / Truth

Wolf / Humility

Seal / Inuit

Cart / Metis


Consistent iconography is integral to a successful visual presentation. All icons for the Red River College Indigenous Education brand should be custom-designed and should not employ the use of generic, stock icons. Icons are to be designed with a single-weight line, and each icon should be styled on a foundation of strong geometric shapes (circle, square, triangle). The use of organic, hand-drawn or flowing lines should be avoided.