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Institutional Priorities


Branding Messages

Red River College’s brand is the sum of its products, services, environments, people, behaviour, identity and communications. It is a combination of the things that comprise the College’s public image and expectations. Primarily, it is a promise to our audiences — one that we must all strive to fulfil.

College communications — formal and informal, literal and visual — are among the most significant contributors to our brand, and therefore consistent messaging is key to upholding our brand integrity. Depending on the target audience, all RRC communications must reinforce our values, attributes and, most importantly, our promise.

Target Audiences

  • Alumni: Graduates and former students
  • Teachers, Career/Guidance Counsellors: High school and middle school staff of school divisions in Manitoba; this also includes staff of schools in target geographic recruitment areas
  • Current Students: Students enrolled at RRC, at any location and in any course or program
  • Donors/Funders and Prospective Donors/Funders: Individuals, corporations, industries and foundations who invest financially in the College and/or are considering investing in education
  • Industry/Employers: Any entity/individual that does or may work with RRC, or offer co-op/ work placements to its students
  • Government: All three levels of government, including Crown corporations and affiliated agents of the governments
  • Parents: Mentors, guardians and family influencers of prospective students
  • Prospective Students: Those who are considering educational and career options and could potentially become students at RRC; this includes full-time, part-time and continuing and distance education students
  • Staff/Faculty: Employees, retirees and those employed by RRC through contract

Brand Promise

Red River College empowers students to exceed industry expectations and lead successful careers.

Brand Values

  • Learning: We cherish learning, and have clear and high standards for development for all members of the College community.
  • Respect: We believe in honouring the worth of others by demonstrating fairness, courtesy and compassion.
  • Inclusiveness: We believe in fostering a diverse community and striving for greater inclusiveness.
  • Integrity: We maintain at all times the highest level of honesty, communication, cooperation and credibility in relationships and fulfilling our commitments, including managing the resources entrusted to us.
  • Healthy Environment: We believe in promoting creativity, wellness and flexibility through a safe and sustainable learning environment.
  • Contribution to Community: We serve the broader needs of the people of our community, and strive to involve the community and contribute to the enhancement of the overall quality of life.

Brand Attributes

  • Superior Education: RRC strives to offer innovative, flexible, responsive and career- focused skill development that contributes to student success. Graduates are skilled and in-demand by employers in a wide range of industries.
  • Applied Learning Environment: In addition to theoretical learning, RRC provides valuable hands-on experience through industry-trained instructors, co-op work placements and internships, applied research and other key partnerships with industry.
  • Far-reaching and Accessible: RRC has an extensive reach throughout the province, with educational offerings at competitive tuition rates that can meet the needs of learners, industries and community organizations in both urban and rural areas.
  • Polytechnic Education: RRC is a key component in Manitoba’s network of higher education options, and a significant contributor to fuelling the provincial economy. The College is known for its comprehensive selection of industry-relevant programs — from apprenticeship training to diplomas, certificates and degrees — and its substantial investment in applied research.
  • Instructive and Dynamic: RRC is a positive, comfortable environment in which to learn. Smaller class sizes allow students to connect with one another while interacting regularly with supportive, knowledgeable instructors.
  • Diverse and Community-oriented: RRC is a safe and respectful learning and working environment for people of any culture, age, gender or ability. The College partners with the community at large — and with Indigenous and immigrant communities, in particular — to support and enhance economic and social progress in Manitoba.
  • Modern: RRC is an advanced institution that uses the latest learning methodologies and technologies.
  • Sustainable: RRC is committed to adopting sustainable practices and teachings by doing things efficiently, collaboratively
    and innovatively.
  • Internationalized: RRC is engaged in international activities locally and abroad, and offers the facilities, supports, processes and policies required to ensure international students succeed in their educational pursuits.

Media Formats

Red River College communicates with the public using a variety of media, depending on cost, suitability and target audience(s).

These media include, but are not limited to:

  • Websites
  • Print Ads
  • Catalogues
  • Print Publications
  • Videos
  • Recruitment Fairs
  • Billboard Ads
  • Online Ads
  • TV Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • News Releases

Regardless of the media format deemed most suitable for a particular message or initiative, the involvement of the College’s Marketing department is critical to ensure consistency of messaging, so that all communication materials adhere to the highest possible standards of quality and professionalism.

Note: Any questions or concerns regarding the production or distribution of external communications materials should be directed to the Marketing department.

Corporate Name

When communicating about the College, it’s very important to consistently use the proper form of the organization’s name.

  • The Board of Governors of Red River College is the College’s legal name. It should be used where required by law, such as in contracts, forms, and legal or financial documents.
  • Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology is the College’s communicative name. It should be used in formal communications such as stationery, business cards, etc.
  • Red River College is the abbreviated form of the communicative name. It should be used in most instances where our brand is represented, whether in print or on the web.
  • RRC is the acronym for Red River College. It should only be used in materials where the full College name has already been used.
  • Though “Red River” and “the College” are commonly used shorthand when referring to RRC, these terms should only be used in cases where the full College name has already appeared, and when the audience is familiar with the institution.

Note: Any questions or concerns related to the use of the College name in external communications should be directed to the Marketing department.