Institutional Priorities

Framework for Action

This Research Plan sets out a series of priorities and goals that focus on the defining theme of growing our thriving, inclusive applied research ecosystem at RRC Polytech. This will serve our evolving and increasingly diverse region, while intersecting with — and feeding into — our academic aspirations and needs.

The plan outlines a framework for action to become more proactive, responsive and innovative, positioning us to meet the needs of the post-secondary education system of the future, while also positioning the province to address its evolving economic and social challenges. Building on our reputation as a leader in technology and innovation in education, the plan confirms the substantial role that applied research has come to play in enriching the student learning experience, enhancing our contribution to the socio-economic needs of the communities we serve, and Manitoba’s economy overall.

The Research Plan serves as an extension of the Strategic Plan, and has been developed in tandem with the Academic Plan. In addition to outlining our current research strengths and resources, the plan also refines the role of the RPI group. The plan outlines actions that will enable RPI to promote the role of applied research in building partnerships, deepening the relationship with academic programs at RRC Polytech, and developing our talent and funding resources.

Looking Forward

The Research Plan presented here has been built through the contributions of over 100 external and internal stakeholders through individual, group and College-wide consultations, including with the Knowledge Keepers Council. Oversight and direction for the development of the Research Plan through this process was provided by the joint steering committee for both this and the aligned Academic Plan. It was also importantly supported by an Indigenous Advisory Committee that provided guidance to align the Plan’s priorities and goals with the strategic commitment to Truth and Reconciliation.

The Plan’s priorities and goals reflect the major themes of these discussions:


Alignment of applied research with the Strategic Plan and Academic Plan


Awareness of applied research strengths and directions


The systems and structures that are the foundation of applied research


Financial sustainability of the research enterprise


How to maintain and build our research capacity


Measuring our impact and defining success

The Research Plan responds to these themes — now it’s time for action. We look forward to building and strengthening the partnerships and relationships that connect us to community and industry, following a plan they helped create. There is much to be proud of already, and this plan signals that there are many more exciting developments to look forward to in the next five years.


As a community, we look forward to working together to achieve the goals of this Research Plan for the betterment of Manitoba and all Manitobans.

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