Institutional Priorities

CCM Project


RRC Polytech is implementing a system to manage our curriculum and generate an online catalogue. This integrated solution will automate curriculum review workflow and approvals and provide a centralized repository that can be utilized for enhanced planning and expansion of electives. The solution will also allow us to update, track changes and market our catalog’s program and course content, generate an annual college calendar, and archive the calendar by academic year.

The College currently does not have a curriculum management system – this is an opportunity to bring forward an integrated solution that also replaces our existing legacy catalogue maintenance system at the same time.


Project Board

  1. Executive Director, Student Services and Global Partnerships (Sponsor)
  2. Chief Information Officer
  3. Director, Centre for Learning and Program Excellence

Project Leadership

  1. Project Manager
  2. Change Management support
  3. Business Analyst support

Project Team

  1. Director, Marketing and Web Presence
  2. Manager, Enterprise Application, ITS
  3. Manager Academic Quality and RPL, Centre for Learning and Program Excellence
  4. Manager, Admissions and Operations, Continuing Education
  5. Systems and Records Support Officer, Enrolment Services
  6. Full Stack Developer, Marketing and Web Presence
  7. Senior ERP Specialist, ITS
  8. Student Records and System Support, Enrolment Services

Project Documents

Alternate versions of these documents are available upon request.