Institutional Priorities

CBR Academic Conversion

CBR Academic Conversion is colloquially known as CBR, or Course-Based Registration. The purpose of this multi-phase project is twofold: to convert College programs into a standardized framework using the CBR Program Design Guidelines, the Credential Framework and other relevant policies and guidelines; and to implement these programs using CBR systems and processes including course level CBR alignment, self-registration and planning software, a scheduling slot system, and a CBR billing table, combined with some College-wide processes – resulting in the launch of “CBR programs and courses” for students.

CBR Academic Conversion transforms a bundle of academic programs at one time. We refer to each bundle as a Phase. Each phase drives continuous improvement and we continue to build as each new Phase emerges. Therefore, the objectives for each phase continue to evolve as well.

Phase 5 Objectives

The objectives of the CBR Academic Conversion Project (Phase 5) are:

  1. To convert approved programs through a CBR framework that provides standardization and consistency of both design and implementation where it benefits RRC Polytech to do so.
  2. To explore enhancements to the user experience. Some enhancements can be developed directly within the project. Others will come from other projects as inputs to Phase 5 and or future phases.
  3. To re-introduce an AT-integrated, rolling 3 Year Program Conversion Plan to provide advance planning and resources for programs and which drives Academic Transformation goals.
  4. To enhance CBR Program Design Guidelines to reflect implementation and other updates.
  5. To incorporate elements of an integrated Timetabling Strategy (which will run as a separate AT project) into Phase 5 where timing is aligned.


Project Board

  1. Executive Director, Academic (Chair)
  2. Executive Director, Student Services and Global Partnerships
  3. Director, Centre for Learning and Program Excellence

Project Leadership

  1. Project Manager
  2. Change Management Consultant (pending)
  3. Business Analyst (pending)

Project Team (membership varies based on programs converting in each Phase)

  1. Student Records
  2. Timetabling
  3. Student Planning
  4. Finance
  5. Human Skills Integration (Math, Science and Communication)
  6. Advising
  7. ITS
  8. Educational Developers
  9. Project Leads (varies for each academic program)
  10. International Education
  11. Continuing Education Operations (where relevant)
  12. Regional Campuses (where relevant)

Project Documents