Institutional Priorities

Principles, Priorities and Path


The AT Program Board is tasked with creating the principles of Academic Transformation. These principles are essential to inform the direction, decisions, and priorities of all the projects within the Program.

Principles help indicate what our solutions must address, and they provide clarity to complex work. In doing so, they become an essential reference throughout the program lifecycle.

The AT Program principles will align with the RRC Polytech 2022-2026 Strategic Plan (and Academic Plan). The principles will be published here when developed.


A key role of the AT Program Board is to identify project priorities. Academic Transformation is a multi-year initiative, and not all projects can be launched at the same time. While some projects can run in parallel, other projects will need to be sequenced back-to-back, with deliverables from the first project becoming inputs into the next, leveraging the benefits going forward.

This is the case with the Fee Model project – an early priority for the AT Program Board. This project will focus on standardizing our fees to provide greater consistency and transparency of course tuition and other fees for students. Establishing standardized course rates is a precursor for other AT projects that will enhance flexibility for students in course options and pace.

Similarly, our Data Strategy project will result in a more comprehensive data warehouse for information that leaders and staff can access to support more informed decisions in all subsequent projects.

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The program manager is responsible for creating a roadmap for the sequencing and timelines for the various projects. This tool serves as a strategic overview of the projects, and the milestones that lead toward overall AT Program success. As the roadmap becomes developed it will be posted here.

Our Newsfeed will provide updates on our project milestones as we achieve them.