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Dr. Christine Watson

Christine Watson
Dr. Christine Watson

We know that RRC Polytechnic is well positioned to face the challenges of tomorrow. Our Strategic Plan, In Front of What’s Ahead 2022-26, outlines three objectives, including Transform our Learning Model To Meet Emerging Needs. Our new Academic Plan will further articulate this commitment.

To advance this work, we need a structure that can mobilize people and resources in a clear, coordinated way. We need expertise to analyze and design the future state from both a human and technical lens. And we need governance at the right levels to make decisions and tackle issues head on.

Lynn Zapshala-Kelln

Lynn Zapshala-Kelln

This is why we have launched the Academic Transformation Program.

Academic Transformation is a formal initiative consisting of multiple projects that are run under a larger umbrella of work, called a Program. It is governed by a Program Board that Christine and I co-chair. Each project has its own project board, management, and project team that reports into the AT Program Board.

This model allows the team to organize and prioritize substantial and complex projects that are foundational for RRC Polytech. Looking at this list, it’s easy to see how interdependent these activities are, and why the benefits of transformation require the coordinated successes of our projects.

Academic Transformation is the glue that governs, manages and implements key projects along a single roadmap to effectively move us in front of what’s ahead. Through this structure, we are committed to achieving our transformational goals alongside the hundreds of employees and leaders that will be involved over the next few years.

Please reach out to us, or our program leadership team, at any time with your questions or feedback. We can be reached at

– Lynn and Christine

Overview and Benefits

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As a program, Academic Transformation will drive specific outcomes of our Strategic Plan and Academic Plan. By designing this initiative as a program of projects, we are able to leverage collective results in a way that cannot be achieved when running projects independently.

Academic Transformation is designed to drive the following organizational benefits:

  • RRC Polytech will lead the way in producing job-ready graduates through work-integrated learning opportunities
  • Students at every level will have access to more flexible learning options
  • More industry partners will turn to us to create programs designed to meet their workforce needs

Stay tuned to our newsfeed for updates on the benefits and goals that the Academic Transformation Program and its projects will drive.