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Institutional Priorities

2016-21 Academic and Research Plan Summary

Theme One: Sharpen Strategic Focus

Shape our College through Program Planning

  • Identify the kind of College we want to be, in terms of our role and profile: the ratios of degrees to diplomas and certificates, the program areas we will target for growth and development, and the partnerships and pathways we will develop.
  • Use labour market intelligence and environmental scanning to ensure that our program and qualifications mix is aligned with the demands of the labour market and the economy, to anticipate future demand, and to respond to the needs of diverse populations and communities.

Open Doors through Partnerships and Pathways

  • Develop joint programs, collaborative arrangements and flexible learning pathways in partnership with the K-12 sector and other post-secondary institutions.
  • Leverage existing partnerships and develop new partnerships with industry to inform program development, increase opportunities for placements, and ensure that the College has access to the latest equipment and technological developments.
  • Work in partnership with industry to anticipate future developments in technology and the organization of work, and to respond to these proactively through applied research, staff training and development, new and updated programs, and changes to teaching and curriculum.

Create Opportunities in Indigenous Education

  • Follow through systematically on the ten commitments we have made as signatories to the Manitoba Collaborative Indigenous Education Blueprint for Universities, Colleges and Public School Boards.
  • Do so within the framework of a comprehensive and holistic College strategy on Indigenous Achievement.

Lead the Way in International Education

  • Integrate international education into our core academic activities, including teaching, learning, research, policies, structures, decision-making processes and organizational culture.
  • Position Red River College Polytechnic as the institution of choice for international students and immigrants to the province.
  • Broaden opportunities for bridging and gap training to support language acquisition and socio- cultural skill development for immigrant and international students.
  • Promote professional development opportunities for faculty in support of the goal of the internationalization of teaching and learning.

Theme Two: Drive Academic Excellence

Support Teaching Excellence

  • Provide mentoring, training and support for our instructors.
  • Provide opportunities for faculty to “return to industry” to ensure currency in their field.
  • Create new opportunities for our instructors to engage in research.
  • Find new ways to recognize and reward teaching excellence.

Pursue Quality Improvement

  • Implement College-wide quality assurance processes and learning outcomes.
  • Improve our responsiveness to employer feedback on the quality of our programs and graduates.
  • Monitor key outcome and performance indicators at the unit and program level.

Drive Program Innovation

  • Deepen our engagement with employers, to ensure that our programs remain fresh and relevant.
  • Explore opportunities to develop new programs and new models of delivery, including blended, inter-professional and inter-disciplinary learning.
  • Establish streamlined processes to review, approve and fast-track the development and implementation of new, updated and blended programs.
  • Establish streamlined processes to foster collaboration and communication across program and organizational boundaries as well as partnerships with employers and other post-secondary institutions.

Strengthen Student Advising and Support

  • Engage with the K-12 sector, with the aim of encouraging wider participation of non-traditional and first generation students.
  • Provide new opportunities through joint programs and partnerships.
  • Increase learner success through provision of reliable and quality learner supports.
  • Strengthen student counselling and social and health supports, to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population.
  • Provide targeted academic support for our diverse enrolments.

Theme Three: Accelerate Research and Innovation

Ensure Sustainable Growth in Applied Research

  • Develop a governance framework that will ensure effective integration of Applied Research into College planning, decision making, and reporting.
  • Sharpen our focus on business development, including the development of partnerships and networks in areas of research focus.
  • Promote internal awareness of applied research and foster the development of a college-wide research community.
  • Strengthen the nexus between teaching and research.
  • Draw on our strengths in applied research and innovation to recruit talented researchers and engage our instructors.

Serve as a Community Resource

  • Harness the multi-disciplinary talents, expertise and resources of the College to help address some of the key economic, environmental, and development challenges that the province faces.

Expand National and International Collaboration

  • Seek new opportunities for national and international research collaboration.
  • Create opportunities for applied research staff and student international exchanges and placements.
  • Promote Red River College Polytechnic as an international destination of choice for students and faculty from other countries.