Become a Cheers Champion

Interested in becoming a Cheers Champion? We invite interest at any time. If all Champ positions are filled, we’ll keep you on our waiting list!

Position Expectations

  • Cheers Champ role is for a one year term. The term can be extended if the Cheers Champ wishes. It is the responsibility of any Cheers Champ that wants to forego the remainder of their term, to recruit a new person for their box
  • Cheers Champ will attend full training session
  • Cheers Champ is responsible for one (or more) box(es) at a designated location on campus
  • Cheers Champ will empty their designated box minimum once per month, and ideally every two weeks to collect cheers for peers cards
  • Cheers Champ will sort the cards and determine if a card is considered valid
  • Cheers Champ will input into the online tracking system and indicate values checked Cheers Champ will forward all yellow cards to the Cheers Champ Lead

For more information about Cheers Champs or drop boxes, email cheerschamp@rrc.ca.

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