Cheers for Peers

Cheers for Peers is a simple, easy and fun way for you and your colleagues to be recognized for the great work you do at the College – created by us, for us.

Cheers for Peers celebrates who we are and what we do – and it connects our actions and behaviours with our College’s core values.

You write a heartfelt note to a colleague that celebrates “going above and beyond”.

The note references a specific action or behaviour, and is aligned to one or more of the College’s values.

Then two simple things happen:

  • You give the colleague the note (white copy)
  • You place the yellow copy in one of many collection boxes at all campuses

Once a month (or sooner), the copies are collected from the Collection Boxes by our Cheers Champions. Where’s your closest box? Find out today!

As a bonus, employees get points for both receiving and giving notes. Points don’t matter to everyone – but for those who like them, you can view your points total on your “HUB Ticker” which is now viewable on your main screen. When you hit the first point level, you can redeem your points for a homegrown RRC Polytech reward, or you can bank those points to a higher point level.

And, if you prefer to “donate” your points when you reach the first reward level, you can select the Student Supplies Kit reward, which will provide a student at RRC Polytech with a basic kit of student essentials, including a binder, notebook, and writing instruments!

Writing a “Valid” Card

In order to preserve the quality and integrity of the program, it’s important that cards meet some basic criteria. We call this writing a “valid card.”

RRC Polytech has approved the following criteria:

  1. Date is legible
  2. Sender’s full name and department are complete and legible
  3. Receiver’s full name and department are complete and legible
  4. At least one College value is checked
  5. Accolade is legible and refers to a specific action or actions

NOTE: If you’re making reference to a student in your Cheers card, please avoid the use of specific names to protect confidentiality.

Our Cheers Champions are responsible for reviewing cards and confirming validity. Once validity is confirmed, the giver and receiver both receive points. If a card is not deemed valid (and this does NOT happen often!), the Cheers Program Coordinator will reach out to the sender.

Examples of Great Cards

Cheers for…always checking in to see if I need help when I am getting ready for my presentations. It is very helpful – you have a gift for easing others.

Cheers for…how you took that teachable moment last week with your student while handling it in such a gracious way. I look up to you!

Cheers for…how you and your subcommittee developed a communication plan which has already translated into great new posters. My hat is off to you.

Point Structure

The Cheers for Peers program values those who receive cards and those who write them! Providing the personal feedback that goes into each card is critical to the program’s success. As a result, both card recipients and senders receive points as follows:

Receiving a Card = 20 Points
Sending a Card = 10 Points

Point LevelPoint Value
Level A400
Level B1,000
Level C2,000

Based on this structure, it takes 20 cards received to reach a Level A Reward. Of course, for most of us, the “magic number” will come from a mix of giving and receiving cards.

For those who like the points, the very best way to get your total growing is to write a card. This also inspires those around to do the same. Before you know it, your points will take off, and you’ll experience the true meaning of Cheers for Peers – making a difference by recognizing someone.

Rewards Menu

Note: The Cheers for Peers point redemption program is currently on hold until further notice, but you can continue to share your appreciation and gratitude to RRC Polytech staff/faculty by sending a digital Cheers for Peers card. For more information, contact Kristi, RRC Polytech Cheers for Peers Coordinator.

The Rewards Menu reflects the very best of what we do at Red River College Polytechnic. Almost all of our rewards are developed right here at RRC Polytech as products, services or “experiences.” This approach allows us to re-circulate our program costs back into the College and, more importantly, it’s our way of celebrating the amazing things that take place at RRC Polytech.

A modified version of this reward menu is available for regional campuses. Contact the Cheers Program Coordinator, Kristi Dorian, for more information.

Here are our rewards!

Level A

Student Supplies Kit (Notebook, Binder and other Essentials)Available anytime, distributed to a student through the SA on your behalf
Graphic Design Poster from the Graphic Arts Poster SaleSale is in December each year
Patio Planter filled with Culinary Herbs for the Summer BBQ SeasonAvailable mid-April each year
Soup of the Day Named After You, Selected By You!Available anytime
24-Page Photo Book For Cheers Notes Plus a $5 RED CardAvailable anytime
$10 RED CardAvailable anytime
Pair of tickets to a regular season Manitoba Moose gameAvailable during regular season

Level B

A lunch with the President at NDCAvailable 1 per quarter, based on President’s schedule
1-night stay in RRC Polytech Residence (single occupancy room)Available late May to Mid-August, subject to residence availability
Front of the Line Brunch with Santa Tickets (max 3 tickets, either 2 children + 1 adult or 1 child and 2 adults)Award must be redeemed during the regular ticket sale period each year
Private movie screening of your choice at the Cave for up to 25 people, with PopcornAvailable throughout the year, subject to SA approaval and availability
Use of the Bike Blender for your personal or work event – blend up frozen beverages using pedal power!Available year-round. Restrictions on use apply. Contact SARC for details.
Vermicompost bin (an indoor year-round composting kit)Available year-round.
Snowblower Inspection and tune-up, on site at NDCAvailable in Fall to early Winter each year.
Chainsaw sharpening and inspection, on site at NDCAvailable in Fall to early Winter each year.
Oil Change with oil provided, on site at NDCAvailable year-round with an appointment
Monthly chamber eventDependent upon offerings available and time of year.
Lunch at Jane’s RestaurantAvailable anytime, for use during regular Jane’s operating hours with reservation only – see website for details
Campus Store/Print Shoppe Gift CertificatesAvailable anytime
Income Tax Services Gift Certificate to RDK Chartered AccountantsAvailable anytime for use at NDC Tax Kiosk in Library Hallway during income tax season
Eco-Pass for 1 monthAvailable anytime

Level C

A 3-hour hour guest DJ role on Red River Radio (basic training included)Available anytime, time slot to be selected with key contact
Dinner at Jane’s plus 1-night stay in RRC Polytech Residence (rooms are single occupancy – you can select 1 or 2 rooms)Available late May to Mid-August, subject to residence availability
5 x Drop-in Fitness ‘Five Pack’ (drop in and take part in up to five individual fitness classes of your choice)Available anytime
2 for 1 Continuing Education course – select Applied Arts of Communications Courses (see SARC for details)Restrictions may apply to start dates (see SARC for details)
Thermea Experience and Bath RobeAvailable anytime
Spay/Neuter Animal at Notre Dame CampusAvailable January to March each year, restrictions apply (see SARC for details)
Ten Spa Metro ManicureAvailable anytime
Teeth Whitening at Notre Dame CampusAvailable anytime

Conditions to our rewards:

  • Our reward menu will be refreshed from time to time – new rewards will be added to keep things fun and interesting!
  • All rewards are subject to limited quantities
  • If you reward is not available when you wish to redeem, you will be invited to do one of three things: select another reward from that level, wait until the new fiscal year when more rewards will be available, or bank your points for a higher level reward
  • All rewards are first come first serve – rewards will not be reserved under any circumstances
  • Some rewards have restrictions on use (personal versus College use etc.)
  • Some rewards have collection restrictions (times of year etc.) although you can redeem as soon as you are ready
  • All rewards are subject to change
  • The Cheers for Peers Committee reserves the right to update this reward list at any time.

Redeeming a Reward

Redeeming a reward involves a few easy steps.

Go to your HUB Ticker where you see your points. When you reach the 400 point level, a link will appear for you to contact cheersreward@rrc.ca (please note that no one can send this email on your behalf). Click on that link, and it will ask to you provide the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your position title and department
  3. Your email address
  4. Your office phone number
  5. Your room number and campus
  6. Your requested reward from the menu
  7. The point value of the reward

(Note that incomplete information will delay the next step of the process.)

Next, you will receive an automatic ‘email receipt’ to indicate that your request has been received.

Within five business days, you will receive a ‘redemption email’ indicating that your reward is confirmed, as well as instructions on how to redeem it. At this time, the appropriate number of points will be taken off of your total.

Some rewards can be collected right away, whereas other rewards can only be collected at specific times of the year and may have additional restrictions. Therefore your email will include:

  • Contact information for your reward provider (they will also be copied on the email)
  • Pick-up location and hours if these are known (in some cases you will need to speak directly with the reward provider)
  • Any restrictions on time of year that the reward can be redeemed
  • The deadline, if any, to pick up your reward
  • If there is any issue with your requested reward, the email will indicate alternative options.

Based on the instructions in the email, you can collect your reward at the appropriate time!

Get to Know Your Cheers Champions

Cheers Champions play a key role with the program. Once a month, they collect the cards from their assigned Drop Box, confirm card validity, enter points into a database and drop off notepads where needed.

Most importantly, they champion the program wherever they go, and listen to your feedback!

If you have a problem with a drop box, need another notepad in your area, or have questions about the program, contact us today!

Become a Cheers Champion

Interested in becoming a Cheers Champion? We invite interest at any time. If all Champ positions are filled, we’ll keep you on our waiting list!