Engagement Initiatives

Engagement Strategy and Action Plan


We are RRC Polytech, a connected, supported and inclusive community; that is proud of our accomplishments and ready for what’s ahead.


  1. Foster employee connections
    Creating an employee culture that is guided by a shared vision and values; and where employees have opportunities to build relationships with each another and with leadership across and within departments and programs.
  2. Enhance employee communications
    Creating inclusive, timely, and transparent two-way communications that involve and engage employees.
  3. Strengthen employee supports
    Investing in employee health and well-being, supporting employee development, providing employee feedback and recognizing employee accomplishments


Visibility and Approachability of Senior Leadership

Current Actions
  • Coffee breaks with SLT
  • SLT/Leadership Council in the classroom
  • RED Forum Sessions (i.e. campfire sessions with SLT – ask us anything)
  • Weekly updates from President RRC Polytech.
Future Actions
  • Senior leadership to attend department, division or unit level meetings and events and/or visit offices across campuses to engage with employees
  • Establish a communication channel for employees to share ideas with Senior leadership and receive a response (i.e. SLT inbox)
  • Establish opportunities for elders to be invited to department/ division level meetings and events

Organizational Change

Current Actions
  • Townhalls/RED Forum Updates
  • PROSCI Change Management Training
Future Actions
  • Develop an approach to engage employee feedback/involve employees into change initiatives
  • Focus on culture change (i.e. re-envision opportunities for employee connections such as college-wide events/celebrations, virtual events, etc.)


Current Actions
  • Staff News/Staff Forum updates
  • Employee Pulse Surveys
  • Thought Exchange
Future Actions
  • Develop opportunities for further employee and cross-department connection/ communication through internal communication channels (i.e. staff forum comments/ posts sections) and events (i.e. program/ department open houses)
  • Establish a strategy/plan to facilitate consistent (i.e. consistent message/consistent channels) and timely communication across all programs and departments

Workload and Work/Family Balance

Current Actions
  • Interim Remote Work Policy
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Healthy Minds/ Healthy College Strategy
  • EFAP (Homewood Health)
Future Actions
  • Develop guidelines to limit overtime/email outside regular hours of work
  • Explore further flexible working options (i.e. flex hours; compressed workweeks etc.)

Learning and Career Development

Current Actions
  • Performance Support Conversations Program 
  • Professional Development Programs (i.e. Enable/Engage/ Envision)
  • RED Forum
  • Employee Learning Plans
  • BRAVO Awards/Cheers for Peers
Future Actions
  • Develop an employee mentorship program
  • Support the development of further employee development course offerings