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In fall 2019, we launched a new employee engagement initiative. Employees across the College have since completed surveys and participated in focus groups to help us better understand feelings related to their job, department, the College as a whole, and more. 

These efforts were our first steps in gathering the data we need to identify what we’re doing well, where we can improve, and how we can begin developing meaningful action plans together. 

To build on this feedback, we’re developing a group of Culture Champions who will play an important role in shaping our future actions as a College. 

Why Culture Champions?

To perform at their best, organizations need to create opportunities for employees to thrive while aligning with their strategic goals. How employees define and shape their workplace culture is critical to the success of an organization, and our Culture Champions will help us implement and sustain cultural change. 

As well, employees have expressed a greater need for two-way communication to drive real change. Our Culture Champions will help ensure dialogue across the College is captured as we move through our corporate engagement initiative. Rather than a solely top-down approach, action planning, solutions, and more will be generated from this group of employees at a grassroots level.

What is a Culture Champion?

A Culture Champion is someone who believes in, helps develop, and cultivates engagement in their workplace. They champion the causes of their organization and are at the forefront of how culture emerges. As we move forward in our initiative, the support of employees in leading this work is essential in helping shape the future of the College.

Responsibilities of a Culture Champion include:

  • Supporting the development of the corporate employee engagement action plan.
  • Helping inform and roll out engagement related initiatives. 
  • Being a culture ambassador for the College and staying tuned with how employees are feeling. 
  • Helping disseminate information related to engagement and future initiatives throughout the College. 
  • Liaising with employees to identify emerging engagement trends/needs.
  • Holding the College accountable for progress related to the corporate engagement goals, strategies, and initiatives.
  • Participating in Culture Champion meetings in order to come together as a group and build on successes.  

How do I apply? 

Fill out the Culture Champion Expression of Interest form by March 19, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualities of a Culture Champion?

Integrity: Honest, trustworthy, and dependable

Change agents: Comfortable supporting organizational change and committed to the organization’s success 

Relationship builders: Inspires mutual respect and effectively collaborates with others to drive progress

Resourceful: Knowledgeable and skilled – if they don’t know the answer, they take it upon themselves to go find it

Coaches and listeners: Patient and encouraging, willing to set others up for success, and empowers others to learn and practice new skills

Accountable: Comfortable leading and modeling ownership for action and taking responsibility to problem solve and generate change 

Innovators: Embraces new ideas, pushes for growth, and learns from failures

Who can become a Culture Champion?

Any individual with a passion for engagement can become a Culture Champion. Our goal is to have a diverse representation of employees from across the College step up as Culture Champions.

Why become a Culture Champion?

Consider becoming a Culture Champion to:

  • Make a meaningful impact at RRC by enhancing the working and learning experiences of employees and students. 
  • Take advantage of a development opportunity where you can enhance your communication, problem-solving, analytical, interpersonal, and leadership skills.  
  • Have the opportunity to inform and develop exciting College-wide initiatives and strategies. 

Culture Champions will be provided with supports, tools, and resources to help them accomplish their work.

What is the time commitment required of a Culture Champion?

A Culture Champion should expect to spend one half day cumulatively per month working towards this initiative (for meetings, follow-up work, etc.). As we build the foundation for this work, the time commitment may grow. 

Culture Champions will meet as a group every quarter to share progress and build on successes as a team. Please check in with your supervisor to ensure this workload can be accommodated to your schedule before applying to be a Culture Champion. 

The Culture Champion term will last two years, beginning 2021-2023. 

How does the selection process work?

To start, we’re planning to have at least one Culture Champion assigned to each Executive Director and/or Dean. However, we’ll be working with every area to ensure there’s enough support to meet everyone’s needs. As well, we’re committed to making sure there is diversity and representation from across the College.

After you apply to express your interest, we will be in touch to discuss next steps. During this selection process, we’ll also check in with your supervisor to see if this workload can be accommodated within your schedule before we proceed any further. 

If you apply and are not selected as a Champion, please know we’ll be keeping a list of interested employees and will engage with you where we can to help inform and support future initiatives.