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Engagement Initiatives

We’re listening

At the end of 2019, we launched a new employee engagement initiative. Employee engagement is one of our strategic priorities, and it’s important we take a strong and proactive approach so your voice is heard – and acted on. See the latest updates ›

Survey Results

Your survey answers show us what’s working and where we need to improve to ensure a supportive workplace.

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Focus Groups

We expanded on our research and conducted focus groups with employees virtually.

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Common Questions

We’ve received a lot of questions from employees and have done our best to answer the most common ones.

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Engagement kick-off

Our Senior Leadership Team presented our employee engagement initiative at a kick-off event in fall 2019.

We know we’ve attempted to address employee engagement in the past, but this time we’re taking a different approach.
What’s different this time is we’re going to share results from all stages of our engagement efforts and work with you to develop solutions.
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