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The ‘Future of the Trades – Trades of the Future’ Summit is an annual event that seeks to disrupt traditional thinking about the skilled trades in Manitoba and beyond. By mixing thought-leaders from across the country with local industry, educators, and community builders, we aim to ‘Think Outside the Toolbox’ about how the trades will meet the evolving demands of industry into the next century. Manitoba’s diverse labour market needs require innovative thinking to ensure we are not just keeping up with technological and social change, but getting out ahead of it, and finding new ways to structure the skilled trades for the work of tomorrow.

The purpose of the annual summit is to generate discussion across sectors about the impact and acceleration of technology on the skilled trades related to innovation, competitiveness, business models, staffing trends and worker expectations.

Experiential Outcomes

  • An impression/experience as “thought leaders” and “community builders” committed to supporting innovation, productivity and growth
  • An interest in investing (time and/or money) in supporting education and training that can support innovation through anticipating future needs and directions
  • An interest in fostering partnerships among industry, government and training providers to facilitate ongoing information sharing and facilitating access to state-of-the-art equipment
  • Exposure to emerging technologies that will or already have an impact on their industries
  • New ideas about how an innovation in one sector may benefit another sector
  • A commitment to ensuring current and future employers do have the employees they need to build strong, vibrant and forward-thinking businesses
  • An interest in participating in further cross-sector discussions and building innovation across systems and sectors
  • A desire to inform leading edge curricula and experiential learning opportunities for students and current employees

Who Should Attend?

  • Post Secondary Institutions
  • K-12 Institutions
  • Provincial Government Representatives
  • Chambers and Associations
  • Private Industry/Employers
  • Labour/Training Organization
  • Social Enterprise / Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Other – including architects, engineers, suppliers, etc.
  • National Organizations

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