Appendix A: Risk Assessment Hazard Levels

Examples of low risk activities:

  • Office work
  • Working from home

Examples of medium risk activities:

  • Use of power tools
  • Work in labs or with low risk chemicals
  • Road travel outside of city or town limits
  • Use of moving equipment (forklift, skid steer, etc.)
  • Work with animals

Examples of high risk activities:

  • Work with high energy materials or high voltage electrical systems
  • Work with toxic gases or high hazard chemicals
  • Working at heights (scissor lifts, roof work, etc.)
  • Work involving holding money, drugs, or other valuables that may be prone to theft

Prohibited activities for workers working alone or in isolation include the following:

  • Confined space entry
  • Working on energized equipment
  • When using fall arrest equipment
  • Working with acutely toxic material as described by the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
  • Tasks which, based on the risk assessment conducted by the department, in consultation with the worker, are deemed to require more than one person.

If you’re unsure what the risk level might be for specific tasks, please contact the Safety and Health Services Department at