Rules of Procedure

Effective Date: April 2018
Replaces: Workplace Safety and Health Committee Rules of Procedure – May 2015, Terms of Reference for Workplace Safety and Health Committee – 2009
WSHC to Review: September 2019

1. Purpose of the Workplace Safety and Health Committee

The Red River College’s Workplace Safety and Health Committees (WSHC) serve as a monitor of the College’s Internal Responsibility System, to which all workplace parties contribute by carrying out their legislated duties per the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act. The members of the WSHCs shall carry out the Duties of the Safety and Health Committee per the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act W210, Section 40(10).

The WSHCs report deficiencies, recommendations, and action to be taken via the WSHC minutes to the WSH Advisory Committee, Manitoba Labour, and staff and students of RRC by posting the minutes on the WSH bulletin boards and on Portal (internal website for RRC staff).

2. Applicable Legislation and Standards

  • Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act W210
  • Workplace Safety and Health Regulation 217/2006 Part 3.6 – Rules of Procedure
  • SAFE Work Manitoba – Workplace Safety and Health Program Committee Manual
  • SAFE Work Manitoba – A Guide to Setting Up a Workplace Safety and Health Program

3. Committee Membership

In accordance with The Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act Section 40.8, WSHCs will be comprised of a maximum of twelve members.

The employer must provide reasonable accommodation to permit WSHC members to attend regularly scheduled meetings, inspections, investigations, education, and other activities of the WSHC.

Members will make every effort to attend regularly scheduled meetings, inspections, investigations, education, and other activities of the WSHC. If a member misses three or more meetings within one year, their membership shall be reviewed by the WSHC Co-Chairs.

The term of office for members is three years commencing March 2018 to March 2021.

Members continue to hold office, and will attend regularly scheduled meetings until they have been replaced to ensure that quorum may be met in the interim.

4. Guests

Guests may attend WSHC meetings for the purpose of observation, providing reports, expertise, information, and advice.

Guests are not WSHC members, and cannot vote.

The attendance of guests must be approved by the WSHC co-chairs prior to the meeting date/time, and invited to attend by the WSHC co-chairs.

Guests may include, but not be limited to:

  • Recorder / administrative support person
  • Rep from Safety and Health Services staff
  • Rep from Security
  • Rep from Facility Maintenance
  • Rep from Student Support Services
  • Observers

5. Meeting Date and Location

Per The Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act, Section 3.3, the WSHCs shall meet at regular intervals not exceeding three months, preferably in September, December, March, and June. Meeting times will be determined by each WSHC, in order to accommodate as many WSHC members as possible. Meeting location will be booked by those providing administrative support to the JWSHCs at each campus.

6. Changing the Date/Time/Location of a Meeting

In the event that a meeting must be re-scheduled, ie. if quorum will not be met, the following procedure shall be carried out:

  • Co-chairs will determine, in conjunction with SHS and administrative support, to re-schedule the meeting. SHS and administrative support will assist with re-scheduling, booking meeting space, sending out information to WSHC members, etcetera. This will be done as early as possible, preferably at least two days in advance of the scheduled meeting date.
  • Meetings will be postponed only in extenuating circumstances.
  • Either co-chairperson may call special and emergency meetings on the committee.

7. Setting the Agenda

Administrative support for the WSHC will send out an email requesting that JWSHC members and guests provide items to be included on the agenda of the next meeting, as well as reports from guests to be shared at the next meeting. The co-chairs shall review the agenda prior to the date of the meeting.

8. Reaching Consensus and Making Recommendations

Members will strive to seek understanding and to achieve consensus in putting forth recommendations to the employer. In situations where consensus cannot be attained during the meeting, a decision may be determined by majority vote. In addition, either co-chair may provide a recommendation relating to the pertinent safety and health hazard, in writing, to the employer.

9. Resolution of Concerns

Safety and health concerns shall remain on the WSHC minutes until the concern has been resolved.

10. Rules Respecting the Conduct of Committee Meetings

WSHC members and guests shall conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner per established RRC policies.

11. WSHC Member Training

WSHC members are entitled to the equivalent of the number of hours normally worked in two days, or 16 hours, whichever is greater, for safety and health related training per year. The purpose of this training is to strengthen the capacity of the WSHC for addressing safety and health concerns in the workplace. SHS will provide training sessions pertinent to the needs of RRC WSHC members, with the pre-requisite being the Basics session.

Other options include training offered by SAFE Manitoba / Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Branch, MGEU, safety and health conferences, and so forth. Members must provide documentation provingtheirattendanceat safetyandhealthtrainingtoSHSforthepurposesofduediligence.

12. Workplace Inspections

Inspections are scheduled quarterly by the administrative support person(s) for the WSHC. Members will be notified of the date of the inspection, area to be inspected, and resources including checksheets, technology (ie. i-pad, if applicable), etc..

A minimum of two people are required to carry out the inspection, including one worker member and one employer member.

Members shall make every effort to attend their scheduled inspections. If they cannot attend, the administrative support person must be notified immediately so that another WSHC member can be assigned to the inspection. The employer is required to provide reasonable accommodation for participation in WSHC activities.

13. Incident Investigations

All incidents including injury, illness, and near-misses must be reported to RRC Security, Health Services, SHS. Incidents must be investigated in order to determine causes and recommend corrective action to address causes. Per the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulation, it is required that WSHC members be involved in incident investigation. Typically, incident investigation will be completed by SHS staff and 1-2 members of the WSHC. The report will be reviewed by WSHC co-chairs, or their alternates, priortothereportbeing finalized.

14. Other Matters

Other matters shall be resolved by consensus of WSHC members.