Graduate Profile

The graduate:

  • Contributes to the development and implementation of the marketing strategy through customer and industry interactions.
  • Participates in strategic sales planning to continuously identify and support the organization’s positioning within the marketplace.
  • Manages a territory by using the sales funnel to allocate time and resources to build and maintain long term customer relationships.
  • Applies the consultative selling process to meet both the buyer and seller organization objectives.
  • Develops and manages internal and external customer relationships through ongoing interactions that involve trust, empathy, collaboration, and support.
  • Incorporates technology to acquire, organize, and communicate information for efficient and effective customer relationship management.
  • Identifies, evaluates, and interprets internal business functions and external environmental factors to develop and implement appropriate marketing strategies.
  • Employs professional business language and behaviours through appropriate communication channels to develop a complete understanding and meet the informational needs of all parties involved in the exchange.
  • Demonstrates personal and professional effectiveness through integrity, strategic thinking, self-awareness, and growth for personal, team, and organizational success.