Student Employment Services offers a variety of employment-related workshops to assist students to develop the skills required to be competitive throughout the job search process.

Student Success Workshops

Job Search Strategies and Resources

An effective job search is an important tool in building a successful career. Job search goes beyond reading job ads in your local newspaper, it involves a series of strategic steps to assist students in finding the right position. In this presentation students will learn strategies and obtain resources that can assist them in their job search.

  • Knowing yourself and setting realistic objectives
  • Researching your options
  • Connecting with both the visible and hidden job markets
  • Networking
  • Informational interviewing
  • Job search marketing tools
  • Job search tips

Writing Convincing Cover Letters

Submitting a convincing cover letter to accompany your resume is an important part of the application process. In this presentation, students will obtain the information required to create a professional cover letter.

  • Types of cover letters
  • Cover letter do’s and don’ts
  • Essential elements of a cover letter
  • Mistakes that can cost you

Creating Effective Resumes

Your resume introduces you to a potential employer and highlights your qualifications as they relate to the position. Having an outstanding resume can greatly improve your chances of getting the interview. In this presentation, students will obtain information on how to create effective resumes.

  • Your resume as a marketing tool
  • Types of resumes and choosing your style
  • Key components of a resume
  • Layout, formatting and content
  • References

Interview Skills

An interview is an essential element to securing a job and preparation is key. In this presentation, students will obtain information on the best interview practices.

  • Purpose of the interview
  • Types of interviews
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Types of interview questions and answers
  • Personal presentation
  • After the interview

Mock Interviews

This session provides students with the opportunity to practice their interview skills through a group based mock interview. As a class, students will be asked a series of interview questions and be provided feedback and coaching on their personal presentation and responses.

  • Please note this session is ideal for smaller class sizes

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Workshop Guidelines

Five things you can do to ensure a valuable Student Success Workshop:

1. Book Early

  • We encourage you to contact us with the details of your request as soon as possible; minimum of 3 weeks in advance. The earlier you book, the greater the probability that we will be able to accommodate your request.
  • Press the “Book a Presentation” button above or call/email the SES Coordinator to put in your request.

Please note: Faculty requests for in-classroom workshops will be responded to on a first come, first serve basis.

2. Set Up

  • Please ensure your classroom has a projector and laptop set up for the workshop presenters.

3. Participate

  • We value working with faculty to enhance the learning you are facilitating with your students. As such, your presence in the workshop allows for greater collaboration, insight and a richer learning experience.

4. Customize It

  • Provide additional details that will help to address your students’ learning needs.

5. Tell us your thoughts

  • After the workshop, please take the time to complete the workshop satisfaction survey.