Emergency Notification

In the event of an emergency situation (fire, explosion, infrastructure failure, threat, etc.) affecting RRC or one of its campuses, RRC Security Services and emergency services will be contacted.

RRC Security Services will notify the Colleges Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and the Coordinator will advise the Emergency Control Group (ECG) of the situation. The ECG is comprised of trained senior executives and department heads and is the group responsible for managing the emergency on a College-wide basis.

The Emergency Control Group will notify their senior staff who would then contact those individuals in their departments who may be required to respond to the incident.

Based on the conditions or severity of the situation, the Colleges Emergency Response Plan may be implemented in whole or in part.

Pending or Potential Emergency

RRC Security Services or the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator will notify members of the College’s Emergency Control Group. The ECG may meet to discuss the threat and develop plans to prepare the College.

A “pending” emergency may include such things as a forecast of severe weather. A “potential” emergency could include a bomb threat or other threat of violence.