In December, 2011, Red River College’s Board of Governors approved the Red River College Strategic Plan 2012-2015. This guiding document outlines 4 Strategic Themes for the College to pursue over the coming years:

  • Fuel Manitoba‘s economic growth and community development
  • Lead Aboriginal Achievement
  • Strengthen Student Achievement
  • Improve the College’s triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profits

The Strategic Theme to “Improve the College’s triple bottom line” gives rise to the following Strategic Actions that will advance institutional sustainability.

  • Promote College-wide appreciation of sustainability
  • Develop a strategy for College involvement in community outreach
  • Expand and and support the use of Service-Learning in College programs
  • Undertake the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS)
  • Develop a College-wide sustainability strategic plan
  • Develop a Campus Master Plan