In July 2016, Red River College installed PaperCut print management software to help track all printing and copying at the College and to measure financial and environmental impacts. With a full fiscal year of data now logged, we can look at the past year to see how we collectively did as a College and also track any and all improvements going forward.

Staff Printing Data 2017/18

Below is a review of printing and copying data for RRC Staff and Faculty for the 2017/18 fiscal year (April 1, 2017-March 31, 2018). This baseline data below will help us measure success as we roll out tips, tools and resources to help reduce paper consumption at the College.

Total Pages Printed: 8,259,520

Total Sheets of Paper Used: 5,660,080

Total Cost of Printing: $572,555.85

[rg-headline content=”If you stacked up all of the sheets of paper used by RRC staff for printing in 2017/18, the pile would be 566m tall – reaching 13m above the tip of the CN Tower (553m).”]

Below are graphs showing total pages printed and the total cost of printing split up by administrative and academic departments. Academic departments printed 73% of all pages and incurred 70% of printing costs.

Pie Chart: RRC staff printing costs split by departmental role. 30% of costs were borne by administrative departments and 70% by academic departments

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Pie Chart: RRC staff printing split by departmental role. 27% of pages were printed by administrative departments and 73% by academic departments

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Staff Printing 2017/18: Environmental Impacts

Below are some of the environmental impacts of RRC Staff Printing from 2017/18.

Number of Trees Consumed: 679.25

[rg-headline content=”Nearly 7 acres of forest, or a forest the size of 3.38 CFL fields, would contain 679 trees.”]

Equivalent CO2 Emissions: 72 Tonnes

[rg-headline content=”The CO2 emissions as a result of staff printing is equivalent to a passenger vehicle driving 283,545 KM or:”]
Vancouver to Winnipeg to Halifax to Miami to Mexico City
to Los Angeles to Vancouver x 16 TIMES

Map showing route Vancouver to Halifax to Miami to Mexico City to LA to Vancouver: 17,957KM

Vancouver to Halifax to Miami to Mexico City to LA to Vancouver: 17,957KM

NOTE: The data does not include printing done externally or costs incurred by departments for printing supplies (i.e. paper). Unless otherwise specified, all printing data includes photocopying, but not scanning to email.