With more than 9,500 students and 2,000 staff, we consume and discard mountains of materials on campus.

To reduce waste and conserve resources, a variety of programs have been set up.

‘Pitch In’ signs are located above recycling and waste trios across campus. The information and colours on the signs correspond to bin stickers and are designed to provide a clear and consistent reminder of what can and can’t be recycled.

Another important feature of the waste and recycling program is the elimination of stand-alone garbage and recycling bins. Doing so sets people up to make the right decision every time.

In response to classroom cleanliness issues and poor compliance, we developed the Hall It! program in 2010. The premise is simple, we removed all garbage and recycling bins from classrooms and asked students to haul their trash and recyclables to trios in the hallway.

Yes, we did hear a bit of grumbling about this change at the start, but everyone seems to be settling into this program change nicely.

The Mini Bin is the waste reduction initiative that draws cheers and jeers from RRC staff. In recent years the Recycling Team has removed 550 garbage bins and replaced them with a mini version.

Battery bins have been strategically located at throughout our campuses to keep batteries out of the landfill.


This program is limited to batteries generated from work and school purposes. Take your rechargeable household batteries to Radio Shack, the Office Depot and Staples.