Red River College procures millions of dollars in goods and services every year. We know that the partnerships we form with our vendors are an important element of our commitment to sustainability.

Adhering to our Environmental Sustainability Policy, we:

  1. Give preference to products that are recycled, recyclable and made from renewable resources.
  2. Give formal consideration to the sustainability practices of those from whom we make acquisitions and those with whom we form partnership agreements.

Cleaning Products

Our most recent cleaning tender stated that ” Red River College has an institution-wide preference to use 100% EcoLogo certified cleaning products. Only products that are EcoLogo, or a comparable third party environmentally certified product, will be considered.” As a result, RRC now uses 100% EcoLogo cleaning products. (If only all requests could be that easy.)

To support the use of more sustainable cleaning products throughout the province, Sustainability Manager Sara MacArthur joined her post-secondary and public institution counterparts at the Province of Manitoba’s “Lake Friendly” announcement. Find out more here.