Students and staff continually tell us that they want access to a variety of fresh, healthy and reasonable-priced foods while on campus. This feedback aligns well with our broader goals of sustainability, as more often than not, providing fresh and healthy foods brings other environmental, economic and social benefits.

At the College we’re thinking more and more about…

Where the food we serve is grown. Are foods produced locally or shipped from half way around the world? Are local farmers and economies benefitting from our food purchses?

How the food we serve is grown. Are pesticides, fertilizers or growth hormones used? Are animal treated humanely?

Here are some of our sustainable achievements to date:

  • 11% of our annual food purchases are local or regional, organic or Fair Trade certified.
  • Every month about 80 lbs of food is donated to the Students’ Association Food Bank
  • All food service outlets provide a $0.10 discount with an EcoMug
  • Our napkins are made from 100% recycled fibre, 70% of which is post-consumer.