As part of the STARS project, the College set out to measure the extent to which we educate our students about sustainability.

An Academic Working Group, comprised of Instructors, Curriculum Consultants, Chairs and Deans first created a definition of sustainability in the curriculum…

An interdisciplinary approach to providing students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable them to appreciate the interdependence between social justice, sound economics, and meaningful environmental practices in today’s world.

Members of the Working Group then identified sustainability keywords in their program areas which were used as part of a text analysis to identify sustainability focused and related courses. Next, a subset of these courses, which included 2407 full-time diploma and certificate courses, were manually reviewed to ensure consistency with the automtated approach. The automated and manual appraoches yielded similar rates of sustainability related and focused courses.

This process helped us to learn that RRC offers 78 sustainability-focused courses and 511 sustainability-related courses.