Over the past several years, Red River College has developed a vibrant and growing program of applied research and commercialization, with a particular emphasis on developing sustainable technologies.

To date, much of the College’s research and technology development has focused on green buildings, emissions reduction, improving vehicle fuel efficiency and shifting to renewable energy sources.

You can learn more about the College’s applied research activity on RRC’s Applied Research and Commercialization blog.

Some of their projects include:

Prototype engine

Developing a prototype engine for Motor Coach Industries (MCI) to meet Environmental Protection Agency regulated vehicle emission standards for diesel. The prototype engine is now integrated into the MCI fleet and represents 15% – 20% of their sales.

Parabolic solar trough on the Notre Dame Campus

Testing the effectiveness of parabolic solar troughs as an viable renewable energy source in northern climates.

Passive solar greenhouse at the Notre Dame Campus

Optimizing the design and operation of passive solar greenhouses to better meet the demand for locally-sourced food in northern and remote communities.