At Red River College, College we know that one of the most transformative aspects of sustainability is to embed its principles into our curriculum and research. When our students graduate, we hope that they will take the sustainability values and teachings they acquire here and apply them to their personal and professional lives outside of the College.

Thanks to the STARS project we know that sustainability principles are being taught in fewer than 10% of our courses. We need to do better. That’s why we’ve made a Strategic Plan commitment to increase the sustainability literacy of our students, faculty and staff. This will take time, but will be achieved with the help of:

  • expanding ‘Service-Learning’ in College programs
  • providing more sustainability training opportunities for faculty
  • working with industry (through Program Advisory Committees) to identify sustainability requirements of the job market
  • providing a “Sustainability at Red River College” resource for faculty use

The Sustainability Office is happy to come and speak with classes about sustainability. To find out more, get in touch!

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